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We continue to have our own mini heat wave here in the UK and it really feels like summer.  The queues of fans gathered overnight for the opening day of the tennis tournament at Wimbledon, and the rowing regatta at Henley takes place later this week – sales of strawberries and Pimms will be at a high as the sun continues to shine.  Who needs the Med?  I know it is all likely to go wrong as soon as the children break up for their summer holidays, but it is lovely whilst it lasts!

Summer time pin

Talking of the Med, hubby is looking like he has been abroad from his deepening tan.  He may have had a week in and around Paris with the school, but he has built up most of his suntan from the rounds of different sports tournaments that he has accompanied the children to – golf, athletics, rounders, football, cricket – and not forgetting the dog walks with our surrogate boys, Chester and Prince. IMG_1740 Four years ago we would never have dreamt that life would have changed so much as hubby was driving miles to work six days per week.  Yet here we are, hubby at home as my full time carer, a house husband (he hasn’t quite got the hang of housework – cleaner to be engaged!) and a sports teacher.  We may be considerably poorer in a monetary sense – but I have never known him to be so relaxed or fulfilled!  The dogs and the kids adore him and rumour has it that he scored a goal in the staff v year 6 football match this morning.  He probably won’t be able to walk this evening…..


The lovely girl was there to witness her dad playing football as she starts her second week of work experience at her old primary school! She spent last week at an architecture firm in London and spent some time working on a float that is set to grace the streets of London during the Pride weekend.  My eldest has turned down my invitation to accompany me to the Henley regatta in favour of a weekend at London Pride with his mates….mum or mates….hmmm, tricky decision!!  The middle one is currently in Glasgow at a music festival – his sister has evidence from some badly shot videos and photos sent to her on Snapchat.  Meanwhile I have managed to spend a couple of hours with just the dog…..bliss!!

This weekend saw the end to a wonderful bloggers group that I am proud to have been a part of for 18 months.  We have been a tight knit group, small  and very supportive of each other and I have made some great online friends, some whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Bloggers’ Bash.  This week’s Monday Magic is dedicated to the Big Up Your Blog group – particularly Suzie and Em – thank you!  These are some of the lovely people I have been in touch with regularly….enjoy!


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Have a great week,

Claire x




42 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. I am delighted to be included and shall go through the list just in case there are any I have missed. You are right we do not have to loose eachother, after all we have (I have) enjoyed every moment of connecting and mad banter that Suzie and Em kept in line. Long may we settle in eachothers Blog’s like a cumfy chair and feel at home.

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    1. You are an amazing blogger, Rachael. I love that BUYB has brought a core group of very different bloggers from so many places together – all so supportive! My garden is brown – going to Henley regatta on Sat, so sunhat & suncream needed. But….there is now a small matter of a football match at 3pm – I am hosting a drinks do in my Chair of a school alumni group so will have to send them packing quick!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing my link in your post. Indeed the blog group will be greatly missed. Felt like a close knit community as you rightly pointed out. Even Lisa had mentioned about heat wave condition which forced her to stay indoors. Stay safe, Claire

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  3. Amazing post once again Claire! I love that you share inspiring blogs, that is an absolutely wonderful thing to do! It has been so hot where i live for way too long! It has been almost unbearable, but I just have to make due because the heat will be here until probably November! I hope you are having an amazing week!!

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      1. You are very welcome! The heat really is SO difficult to deal with, but what can we do about it? I try to stay inside as much as possible because the second I step out in the heat, I feel terrible. I hope you are resting and feeling better sweetie!

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  4. Sounds like your husband is adjusting very well to the new routine! That’s fabulous!!

    I am going to miss the group, too! It felt like such a close-knit community and I loved all our interactions there. But we will still see each other around on the inter-webs. And thank you so much for including me among this list of wonderful bloggers! xx

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