The Sadness of My Notes on Social Isolation & Loneliness


Rising Inside the Embers


Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, May 29, I had the honor of presenting at a webinar hosted by the Society for Participatory Medicine.  As my very first online webinar, I admit that I was nervous.  I have presented before, but in a far different capacity and with less technology involved.  I wanted to provide my notes on the presentation for any of those who are interested.  I had slides, so you will find everything numbered.  This should also help with easier navigation and increase accessibility.

Beside myself, there were three other presenters, including Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Ph.D., Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH, and Gabe Howard, who were absolutely outstanding.  I say this from my unique position as a health professional and a patient.  I highly recommend listening to the entire webinar, which is available here, especially if you know or treat an individual with chronic illness.  So many dismiss social isolation and…

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