Falls and Bruises, Mixed with Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

It feels like forever since I last posted Monday Magic…..in fact writing still remains a bit of a challenge with the dislocations and whatnot getting the better of me.

Monday Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! w:c 14th Oct

I did learn a valuable lesson last week.  Hubby was out coaching year 6 football (10-11 year olds!) so I was home alone with our 17 year old dog.  IMG_0654Before the front door slams I always hear the same phrase leave hubby’s lips “Don’t do anything stupid!” – I mean as if!!!  I had helped the dog up – he can no longer stand unaided which prove problematic for yours truly – and then headed for his pottery water bowl.  “That looks a bit manky, Sam, I’ll get you some fresh water” :just as I was crossing the kitchen, heavy bowl in hand and stretching the ligaments to the limit – one hip decided to go disco dancing all by itself. Pop!  Out of socket it leapt and left its owner leaping across the floor, skidding in the dog’s manky water and the owner nose diving toward the hard tiles of the kitchen floor.


You know that feeling when something happens in slow motion, yet there is nothing you can do to prevent the outcome?  After face planting the ground I slowly attempted to move, gently checking for injuries.  Who am I kidding, everything hurt like crazy, most joints had popped out by this point and I couldn’t have told you if anything had broken or not.  Could I stand up? um…..Could I sit up?…..maybe, if I could manoeuvre myself without using arms or legs.  No that really wasn’t going to work, particularly as there was water all around me.  After heaving myself up the kitchen cupboards into a quasi seated position, I managed to use my mobile phone which happened to be tucked in my pocket and ring my parents, who live up the road.  Hurray – they were home and came straight down, but I was still soaked through to my underwear by the time they arrived and of course Dad laughed. I can see the funny side – the dog had scarpered and was waiting in the hall for them, whilst I was spread eagled across the kitchen floor surrounded by water and smashed crockery. What a sight to see!



Anyway my lesson was that when the family “fuss” and tell this old know-it-all that I must behave and always carry a phone when home alone……they are right.  In fact I think a key box may be a good idea – not for when the lovely girl or the young engineer forget their keys – but in the event that I have to “phone a friend” for help in the future.

The bruises have been monumental down my legs, side and arms – the whole Ehlers Danlos easy bruising skin has been in full view, but they are now fading.  Our dog is the proud owner of a brand new PLASTIC blue water bowl.  Hubby has managed to get me to the theatre and on a university art school open day with the lovely girl – with lots of velcro fastenings and tapes to keep everything in place.  But as you can imagine the call before the front door slams has now become “I mean it this time, Claire – don’t do anything stupid!!”


I have read numerous blog posts over the last few weeks whilst nursing my sore body and have picked a few favourites that I think are inspiring.  So sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!











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Have a great week,

Claire x

P.S. I am ok and live to fight another day!!

Monday Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! 14th Oct


15 thoughts on “Falls and Bruises, Mixed with Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. This was so beautiful and I could feel your pain. Life gets so difficult sometimes and we just do what we have to just to make it. You are a strong and amazing person with so much to offer! Thank you for this post and again sharing some amazing fellow bloggers!

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  2. Oh, ouch! I also think maybe you should invest in some new flooring, all around you house – bubble wrap, or just mattresses. Tile the floors with plush, soft mattresses. One week you’re going to say ‘guys, no accidents, no dislocations, no falls or extra bruises’. Wishful thinking? Yeah, though so! Sending very gentle hugs xxxx

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  3. josypheen

    Ouch ouch ooooouch! You poor thing! I have done something similar slipping on our cat’s manky water, but I didn’t face-plant. I hope you are on the mend now!

    Hugs to you and your old doggy.

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  4. I’ve been thinking about you and hope you’re healing well with each passing day. I empathize with your fall. In September,I took a hard fall in my kitchen very early next morning when couldn’t sleep and still dark out and as soon as stepped into kitchen I slipped on –watermelon juice of all things! We had a whole watermelon on counter that apparently fermented and exploded juice and fruit chunks all down cabinet and on tile floor leaving melon looking like defeated basketball! And me on floor in pain and sitting in a pool of watermelon guts in my pjs. I can laugh about it now…. So am sending you a gentle hug and a public service announcement about what watermelons might do….. 💞


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