Midweek Magic – and some Inspiring Blogs for You!

It has been a momentous week for several reasons.  Hubby and I were planning a trip to visit his parents and true to form I was so unwell at the beginning of last week that it was looking like we would have to cancel….yet again.  I am ashamed to say that it has been over 3 years since I last managed the 4 hour journey, in fact it was when I stayed with them after my spinal cord stimulator surgery.  Please believe me when I say that it is not that I don’t love my in laws but rather that every time we have planned a visit my body has disagreed.  There have been shoulder dislocations, POTS flares and neck problems – not forgetting that my chronic back pain prevents me from sitting still for long periods.

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Midweek Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! 22 Aug

Something that goes hand in hand with a chronic illness is unpredictability and then the inability to make plans – and the guilt at having to break plans.  So when Tuesday morning dawned and I couldn’t sit upright, I felt that I had let everyone down yet again.  Wednesday arrived and we decided to give it a go.  The electric wheelchair was hoisted into the car, I was settled in surrounded by cushions, an Audible series was downloaded and we were away.  It wasn’t an easy journey, but I made it even if I did have to swap one sofa for another!

IMG_2418I had a different furry friend to keep me company following a faint – Lexi the pug – and I enjoyed the freedom that my electric wheels gave me during a trip into Hereford city centre.  My driving skills are improving!  IMG_0605With the weather breaking in the UK my symptoms are more manageable now and the fainting is under control – would you believe though that the wet, clammy, stormy weather causes as many problems with this body barometer of mine as the really hot days?!






This week the lovely girl started work experience with big brother, the young engineer.  How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!!  He wants her to help with design elements of…….um, I wish I knew or understood!


It seems to have gone well, but she laughed in the change in her big brother as soon as they got home reverting from boss to twit!  The whole family has enjoyed playing with my latest toy that arrived this week – a recliner chair which has already saved me during a POTSie episode today as it will lay me almost flat.  The young engineer was so excited by the integral USB port that he almost face planted on the floor when lifting himself to standing too far!! I will give you a chair review when I have had it for a couple of weeks.

So back to business and sharing some great blog posts with you.  I have found a couple of posts about writing – for lovely Ritu the publication of her novel is in sight (if it is as good as her cakes it will be fab) – tips to boost your family’s health, and some lovely posts from chronic illness pals.  So sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!











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Have a great week,

Claire x

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Midweek Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! 1 22Aug





15 thoughts on “Midweek Magic – and some Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. Oh my goodness, Claire, you are so lovely!
    Here’s hoping something good comes of it!
    And I hope your new seat helps to give you plenty of comfort!
    I’m.glad you managed to get to your in laws too. A change of scenery must help a little too, and especially with that gorgeous Pug!

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      1. Cast and walking boot off 4 weeks ago. He’s started driving into work 2-3 days a week, and walks with no crutches now… Yay!!!


  2. I recognised that sense of letting people down when issues happen with the body. It doesn’t happen to me, fortunately, but I see the frustration and upset in my partner. And it doesn’t matter how often you reassure…
    Well done for making the journey. I know they can be ordeals.


  3. Lots of great blog choices for this week as always!
    That is a rather momentous journey to see your in laws though, and I’m sure they understand it’s not easy doing such a trip or planning anything with your health. But you made it this time, hurrah! You should be proud for giving it a go because it can be easier to avoid it when you’re feeling so rough, even when the guilt piles on.

    The reclining chair sounds pretty comfy & practical, but I have to ask, why on earth is there a USB port? Actually, that could be rather handy to charge your phone, save you getting up to plug it into the wall. Just answered my own question there. Unless of course you tell me it’s also got an integrated screen on the arm rest so you can play movies off your USB.

    I LOVE the Speed Demon sticker, all you need now are some go faster stripes on the side 😉
    I haven’t been back to Hereford in years. Since we moved it’s a bit harder to get to, though a 1.5hr trip is far more manageable than what you’ve had so I’ll have to make an effort to return one day soon and see how it’s changed. I used to live in Ledbury (or Deadbury, as I grew to call it), which wasn’t far from Hereford. Ever been there?
    Have a restful Bank Holiday weekend lovely xxxx


  4. Hi Claire…thank you so much for linking to my guest post at Hugh’s here. As I commented there, I’m so sorry for my very late reply. I’ve been away for a few weeks from blogging working on my memoir submission, celebrating a ‘big’ birthday with the family and some ‘developments’. Very glad to read you were able to make your trip despite the challenges.Hope your ‘new toy’ is helping 🙂 Lovely to connect, Claire. Thank you again for your very kind thoughts. Take care…and I hope the weather is being kind to you. Sherri ❤


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