Monday Magic is back – Inspiring Blogs for You!

It feels like forever since I shared some inspiring blog posts with you.  If you read my last post you will know that for various reasons writing has not come easily recently, but I something that I really want to do is to get back into the habit of sharing great blog posts with you.

Monday Magic is back

Back in June I did manage to get to the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards in London and once again was able to meet up with other bloggers – some were old friends, others I felt I knew and then there were others who, along with their blogs, were new to me.  I was so excited that a fellow Chronic Illness Blogger – and one who I know – the lovely Caz from Invisibly Me won a category……you must have all heard my cheers!


The hotel was beautiful, situated in a perfect London square which actually boasted a small cricket pitch.  I’m not sure that they liked the look of me though as we had to use the tradesman’s entrance round the back…….this was the accessible entrance with a stairlift that accommodated my wheelchair.  The design seemed so clever until it was time to go home and the young receptionist blew the electrics when he turned the stairlift on.  There was no way that it was going to budge, so yours truly had to get out and sedately make my way down the stairs whilst hubby carried the chair behind me!  It was nobody’s fault, but it was a good job that I wasn’t in my electric chair…..nobody would have been shifting the weight of that down the stairs!!

person standing at the corner facing wall
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Meanwhile the younger male members of the family have been off gallivanting to sunny climes.  The politics student went away with uni friends to Spain where they stayed in a friend’s villa on the coast near Alicante. Maybe that should read a friend’s parents’ villa….. I am certain that they are lovely, but they must be totally and utterly mad to allow a group of 10 twenty year old “boys” to use their holiday home!  More recently the young engineer and friends left London at its hottest for the cooler temperatures of stunning Crete followed quickly by a trip to Pride in Amsterdam – if the photos are anything to go by they had a wonderful time in both locations.  I will save stories of our hols in dear old Blighty for another day!


What of the lovely girl? Well she and her friends have had their A level artwork “Inside-Outside-Inbetween” exhibited by the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton (Surrey branch).  The hospital reached out to local schools as they wished to display local young artists’ work in both corridors and treatment rooms. A private viewing was laid on for the students alongside friends and family – unfortunately I was too unwell to be there but hubby and parents had a great evening.  Apparently the food that the Marsden laid on was great – and the art was pretty good too!!  Anyone who is local and interested will be able to view the girls’ art until December.





So that must mean that it is time to sit back and enjoy some great blog posts – this week all chronic illness and health related – as ever please like, comment and share posts that you enjoy.

Have a great week,

Claire x

Monday Magic 12 Aug

14 thoughts on “Monday Magic is back – Inspiring Blogs for You!

    1. 10 twenty year old boys all in one place? Thirty years ago I would have said, yes please! Buy now that I’m mature and sensible (most of the time), that scares me! Lol!
      Thank you so much for including my blog. Much appreciated. ☺

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  1. Ooo fab to see the Magic Monday series is back – and, as is often the case these days, I’m fashionably late!

    It’s great to read more about the Bloggers Bash, it’s nice to get a feel for what it was like as I couldn’t be there (thank you for the very kind shout out too!)
    Wow, both the Politics student & the Young Engineer have been busy busy in what sounds like far sunnier climates. The owners of the Spanish villa must either be very trusting or totally mad, I agree!
    That’s fantastic about the artwork exhibit for daughter & her friends at the hospital. I wish I lived up that way as I’d check it out. She must be very proud! I wish more hospitals did this because a little colour and art on the walls can make a big difference.

    Great round-up of posts, and a few I don’t think I’ve seen yet so will check those out now.
    I hope that you can have a restful weekend ahead, Claire  ♥
    Caz xx


  2. It sounds like you have been pretty busy and many great things happening at the same time. I am really glad you are back as I really enjoy what you share and find it pretty incredible you share other bloggers posts. You are a remarkable person!!


  3. Hi Claire,

    Thank you so much for sharing my post about slowing down and enjoying the little things. I appreciate it so much 🙂

    I hope you are well and have a great week!



  4. Hi Claire…it was so lovely to meet you, and thanks so much for ‘finding’ me on my blog. Seems as if life has been a challenge for us both since we chatted at the BB. Great to connect here. Love Crete…could use a holiday there right about now, *sigh*. Take care, lovely ‘new’ friend, and you have a good week too. Hugs…Sherri 🙂 xxx


  5. Patricia

    Hi Claire,
    Treeemendous effort. Still cheering you for undertaking your everest 4 hour daunting car journey. Hope you paced out plenty recovery time. Fortunate in-laws.

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