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How often do you have those weeks when life seems to have sped by and yet you’re not sure what you have done in that time?  I made a birthday cake with a robin theme – birds that is…..not Batman or Bristol City football club (me to hubby: “why on earth would I make a 7 year old little girl a Bristol City football club cake? She’s not a football fan and lives nowhere near Bristol” – he supported them as a child and still does!).  img_0349We went out for a family Chinese for hubby’s birthday as my brother and nephew were here – this birthday rolls on and on. I started another blog post – wrote the majority of it in fact, but never quite got it finished (one for later this week) – and I cancelled plans a couple of times. Oh….and I had several sleepless nights.

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It never fails to amaze me just what sleep deprivation can do and when that insomnia is down to pain the resulting fatigue and drain is even worse.  Now I look back at the many sets of night shifts and then a period working continuous nights when the kids were young and wonder how I did it….much like any other shift worker.  The constant tiredness must be akin to constant jet leg, but without any promise of far off sunny climes!  I did get phone calls from school on more than one occasion back in the day when I had slept through my alarm and failed to pick my kids up from school.  It is one thing dropping off at 8.30am in your PJs and boots, but quite another thing picking up inn your dressing gown at 3.30pm!

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My own blog may have failed to spring any new writing over the week, but I have managed to read some great posts that did make the light of day.  I have found some great new and very different bloggers on a couple of meet and greets (Danny’s Dream Big Dream Often and Esme’s Senior Salon) as well as some familiar faces.  So sit back, enjoy some you time and get stuck into some fabulous reads.

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Have a great week,

Claire x

11 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. I used to work at the airport and did 3:30am-12:30pm shifts and I don’t know how I did it! I think you kind of become this weird zombie I don’t think I could do it now! I hope you’re able to get some rest and reprieve soon!!

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  2. I’ll put my hand up for numerous weeks where life has sped by & I’ve not got a clue what I’ve been doing in all that time! Made me chuckle that your hubby thought football when you said robins theme. The cake is adorable, so detailed & very impressive! You really are incredibly talented. What’s inside, sponge and jam?

    Insomnia can be incredible painful, and sleep deprivation can take a large toll on your body.

    I hope the rest of the week treats you kindly & that you can get some quality rest. Great blog picks as always and the majority I haven’t come across, so I’ll read through them this morning with my cup of tea as I try (desperately) to warm up! Take care lovely xxxx

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    1. Thanks! No!!! How awful am I? Were supposed to be getting together at a friend’s next weekend and I was tasked with making a cake, but one of the other couples can’t make it and getting a date is proving impossible. Thinking of doing a joint celebration in June and a joint cake……


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