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Another week has passed, the heat wave in the UK has broken and students across the country have either just received exam results or are awaiting them this week.  In our house, the lovely girl will receive her GCSE results this week and remains very calm and level headed.  But she can’t get her head around the year group chat that is full of anxiety about grade boundaries and count downs to the “big day” – I agree with her that there is no point worrying about the grade boundaries when you have no idea what grades you have received yet!

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The national press is of course feeding this anxiety with articles about the new exams – both GCSE and A level – are they harder, are the grade boundaries higher/lower, have more students done better?  I’m not sure we will be able to make head or tail of her results though as half will be the old style A-C grades, with the remainder bearing the new numerical grades 1-9!!


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Monday Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! 20 Aug


The politics student is currently taking exams – he was unwell earlier this year with chronic migraines so the university deferred exams until now.  I actually received a text after his first exam earlier!  Maybe it has finally dawned on him that although these first year exams don’t count towards the final degree, he does need to pass them all to go back for the second year……his sister would be horrified to find that both brothers were back home permanently! I’m not sure that my kitchen would cope either…..

I have spent another dislocated week vaping on my Medipen – I feel a review coming on – and adding to my “surgical appliances”.  Firstly I bought some physio kinesiology tape after reading Ali’s article last week – I thought that hubby might be able to learn how to tape my arm back in place, but the family consensus seems to be to mummify me in it! Hmmmm……..Then I sent hubby out to Lidl to buy some chicken and he came home with ankle supports.  Those of you who are Lidl or Aldi fans will know that the middle rows in the store are always very exciting and you never know what you might find nestling alongside the crisps and fruit juice!  This week it was various medical appliances from heat pads to raised loo seats seated next to petrol powered jet washers and lawn mowers.  I came home with a garden table on one occasion….


So whilst sitting here watching youtube videos about applying sticky tape to my body (we will get our physio to teach us) and adding more velcro straps to my wardrobe, I have been perusing the blogosphere to find some more fab posts for you to read.  Who has heard of #BlogBattle:Moon?  Have a look at Gary’s post for this writing challenge. I’m excited to introduce you to Anna, a local artist who also happens to be a part of the We All Send Cards community (where my girl’s art can also be found on greetings cards).  She has been featured on the Women Talking website and discusses her career as an artist alongside her diagnoses of dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD.  Lily provides pointers for US residents navigating the benefits system at How To Get On blog.  The lovely girl is very pleased that I have included a post about “period poverty” – something that hasn’t been spoken about in the past.

So grab a glass of something nice, turn off the phone and sit back to indulge in some great reads…

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Have a great week,

Claire x

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10 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. Many thanks for the shout out for the BlogBattle! Apologies for the delay replying, but am in synch with the results part. Last week A-levels, this week GCSE’s. Huge hit on social media and blogging time!

    Loving the Lidl comment too lol

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  2. I’m a bit out of the loop with changes to GCSEs and A-Levels but I have heard about changing boundaries and a drop in pass rates. Wishing your daughter all the very best! I wish I hadn’t worried so much about mine, and remembered that I’d tried as hard as I could and that whatever the result would be good enough (especially when considering the rather ridiculous nature of exams and the marking guidelines etc). Also wishing the ‘politics student’ all the best with his exams at the moment!

    An interesting choice for your hubby to pick up ankle supports in Lidl. Did he actually bring home any food, or did you all have to go hungry? I do hope the Medipen is helping, even if just a little. As for the tape, mummification is probably a catwalk fashion trend somewhere in the world right now! 😉

    Thanks for the links, more great reading ahead for later as most of these blogs are totally new to me!

    Caz xx


    1. He didn’t bring home the food that he went out for!! Mummification as a catwalk fashion – now there’s a thought!
      Eve of results now…she is a little nervous now, but is emailed at half 7 in the morning!!
      I will investigate that link – not sure why it isn’t working x

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