Monday Magic – Chocolatey blog posts for you!


Happy Easter, everyone!  Hope that you have all had a great Easter weekend – here in the UK we are having a typical British Bank Holiday with awful weather.  It is wet, windy and playing havoc with my stretchy joints.  So I’ll just have to self medicate with chocolate……

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The lovely girl finished school last week for the Easter break, but not before an evening event to celebrate nearing the end of her GCSE course with her parents and teachers.  I was given my instructions beforehand about what I could and couldn’t talk about…..”in other words, don’t embarrass me, Mum!”  The evening, called the Lilac Reception, gave the girls the opportunity to dress up – if they wished – and for the parents to mingle, consume nibbles & wine and be entertained by a roving magician in a bright red suit.  I believe I just about passed the mum test until the end of the night when I asked the photographer to take a pic of the lovely girl and her friends!!


Now the revision starts in earnest, for both the lovely girl and the student engineer – who will soon require a new tag as finals and graduation are looming, and the student tag will be a thing of the past.  Whilst our girl has been making decisions for A levels (and has already altered her choices) the student engineer has been applying for jobs….software engineering, but I understand no more than that as I think he speaks a different language to me!!  As for the middle young man-child, we haven’t seen a great deal of him as he catches up with old school friends by night and sleep by day!

Easter pic

Even though there are no little kids in this house now, the amount of chocolate that we have accumulated over the last few days is a bit obscene.  Add to this the cakes for family afternoon tea yesterday and the special Easter/late birthday cake for the politics student – healthy diet is not a word to describe our current intake!  So to continue with the same theme, I thought that I would create a fun list of chocolate inspired blog posts for you today.

So grab a cuppa (hot chocolate if you fancy!), sit back and check out some chocolatey blog posts on this Easter Monday.

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I hope you have enjoyed this week’s posts – please leave some feedback, likes, and share!

Have a great week,

Claire x

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