Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

A week into the new year, the decorations are down, the Christmas tree is looking forlorn on the back lawn and the kids back to school.  Well in our case nearly…..the lovely girl returns tomorrow, the middle child returns to university next weekend and the student engineer returned today, just as the UK train strikes started up.

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Monday Magic - Inspiring Blogs for You!
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Our house has been a mad frenzy of coursework this last week – 2 projects for the final year of Engineering involving analysing the use of Boris bikes in London and Deep Learning (whatever that may be!); the lovely girl has been finishing her sketch books and final piece for her art, although any visitors would have thought she was decorating the lounge!!  The title of her works – “I, Me, Mine” and “Blood, Flesh, Bones” – so she has focused on our genetic Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  I have spent some time modelling for her photographs and I wish I could report that they are super glam….but they are not!!!  Instead she wanted close ups of my body parts which looked the most veiny – charming.

My Elbow!

Hubby managed the delayed visit to his parents, and whilst he was away I enjoyed reading and sharing a huge variety of blog posts.  This is just a small assortment varying from favourite books, to beauty products to a yummy recipe for dairy free ice cream.  Two that really stand out, and are poles apart, are Tania’s about her need for a Smartdrive for her wheelchair (I am slightly biased as we share the same condition) and The Bryntin Project’s plea to us all to realise the harm our birthday balloons are doing.


So grab a cuppa and take a break whilst you dive into some fab blog reads.  Please comment, like and share!

Have a great week,

Claire x


8 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. That’s your elbow? I think if you haven’t have told me I would have spent quite a while guessing! Blood, Flesh, Bones sounds like something I’d like to read – certainly quite an interesting load of work going on in your household at the moment! 🙂

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    1. You should see her final piece! I did say to her that she needed to write an explanation to go with it – along the lines that we have a genetic condition making us bendy….as she has painted her own profile surrounded by bones out of place and cottons as stretched soft tissue, but all as if in a hall of mirrors!!!! If she will let me, I will post some of her work….have just set her up on some celebration cards (birthday etc) online, but had to call her Zebra Girl as she doesn’t want her name on anything!!

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  2. The photo of your elbow is like one of those quizzes in a magazine where they show you a photo of an object taken at an unusual angle and then it could be anything my brain never ever got those..haha and I am so pleased you added the caption ” my elbow”….I do hope you have a Happy and healthy New Year :)x I am now off to see what posts you have selected 🙂

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    1. Ha, ha, ha – you are not the first to say that! Of course all our dodgy joints tend to do some great angles that would be unrecognisable – maybe I’ll add them to next quiz I go to! I am not sure whether the examiners will be able to understand her final piece as it is even more distorted!! Body parts bent all ways and seen through a Hall of Mirrors look!! Might post it….xxx

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