Monday Magic – Happy New Year! Inspiring blogs to start 2018

Happy New Year, Pain Pals! Welcome to 2018….

Monday Magic - Inspiring Blogs for You!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday season – I appreciate that for many of you this will have been hampered by health problems, for others it may be the first year since a bereavement, or just simply a difficult time – but we have to believe that there is always something positive, even out of negatives (hope my eldest is reading…..we call him Mr Glass half empty!).

I’m not going to do a look back at my year and bore you silly…..this week is probably enough.  Our week hasn’t gone exactly to plan – when does it ever? – with yours truly managing to fall off the sofa (I know, I know!) and putting out my shoulders, neck, ankle and hip in one foul swoop!! Of course this would be the night before we were due to travel to visit the in laws…..add hubby having a horrendous case of man flu (actually he has the most awful chesty cough and was banished to an empty child’s bed last night!) and the trip is off.  if you are reading, Dave and Wendy – I am so sorry! Kids are too as it meant any plans for New Year’s Eve parties in this house were ruined…..the teen girls due to gather decamped to another location and at the time of writing we have had no communications from the lovely girl! Plus one boy still old cold and snoring in bed here, having made it home.

Boxing Day

But two huge positives for me were managing a lovely family meal out on Boxing Day, and hosting the extended family the day after.  My brother’s family, the student engineer’s partner, and of course my lovely parents… the drone that one very silly auntie bought her nephew for Christmas.  Well I didn’t think he would be flying it around my living room!!!


I have put together a huge list of New Year blog posts for you from some of my blogging family…..many from the Big Up Your Blog community, others from Chronic Illness Bloggers.  There are reflections, good wishes, goals & resolutions, poetry and don’t miss Phil’s hilarious Predictions from a legit Psychic!  Plus the first is a great blogging invitation on Smorgasbord.  Sit back with a glass of something good (dry Jan can start tomorrow!) and enjoy.

Please be kind and share some love for these bloggers with likes, shares and comments!

Happy New Year! 

Claire x

26 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Happy New Year! Inspiring blogs to start 2018

  1. I’ll be bookmarking this to read a little later – thank you!
    Lovely photos and I’m glad you made it out for a lovely family meal. I’m just so sorry you managed to injure yourself – shoulders, neck, ankle and hip!!! – so badly all at the same time! They do say that when it rains it pours… Rest up and I hope you’re feeling less sore and ouchy soon! All the best for a healthier, happier New Year (and less accidents!) 🙂
    Caz xx

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  2. Happy New Year, Claire and thank you for including little old me in your list of inspiration/positivity going into 2018, I’m honored! Also wishing you and your family well!


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  3. Kel K

    Sorry to hear about your sofa incident! Hope you’re on the mend? What an amazing list of blogs! I’ll have to sit and have a real sesh of reading. Thanks for linking up again x #TheMMLinky

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