When The Simplest Things Floor Us

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the simplest of things can floor us?  Not the big things – the dislocations, the brain fog or even a recent A&E visit to check out an ankle injury for fractures.  Over the last few weeks a new enemy has been creeping up, slowly and insidiously until a sudden movement caused spasm and pain off the Richter scale.

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Where? Back pain? Neck pain?  Well they still haunt me daily alongside the dislocations, but this is different and affects everything I try to do.  One evening several weeks back, my right hand suddenly drew itself up with a sudden, intense spasm into a claw.  There was no warning and the pain was searing – in fact I screamed the roof off leaving no one in any doubt that something had happened.  Cramp? No, this was a very different feeling as the ligaments and bones within my hand felt as if they had become intertwined and stuck in a confusing rigid medley of pain and spasm.


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When the simplest things


Several hours later the claw unwound as quickly as it developed, but the pain, now in both hands continues.  Maybe it is a repetitive strain type pain or some of the nerve pain may originate in the problems in my neck, I don’t know, but it affects everything.  Holding a cup of tea, brushing my hair, holding a book……and typing!  Admin duties for the Chronic Illness Bloggers and emails have been prioritised but typing is painfully slow.  Writing my own blogs has slowly but surely slipped away from me.

Nothing in life is predictable is it? But life with chronic illness has “unpredictability” as a middle name – no day is ever the same, it is impossible to know how the body or mind will present itself as it wakes each day.  The bigger issues, “the big picture”, can be easier to cope with, but the little things that are unexpected can be the straw to break the camel’s back.  The best laid plans can be blown apart, resentment hits, brain fog distorts memory and pain can take hold.  Yet life goes on with or without functioning hands!



This has taken several days to type…..hopefully normal service will be resumed soon!


When the simplest things 2

14 thoughts on “When The Simplest Things Floor Us

  1. Oh Claire, you’re certainly not getting it easy. The simple things in life can be the things that make us happy, but equally so, some small, simple things can be the very things that knock us down. I hope this improves soon. Must be so frustrating.

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  2. I had just opened WordPress to see if you’d posted before I sent you a text. Thought you’d been very quiet here lately. Really hope this eases soon as everyone breaks up and settles in for the summer. What summer?! Sending lots of love xxx

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  3. Yikes, I’m so sorry Claire. I think I left you a message on social media somewhere as I was wondering whether that speech-to-type software may be any good, just to help in the meantime while typing is so difficult? I’m just sorry you’re in so much pain, and you’re right about things being so unpredictable. Sending love & hoping it eases up soon..  ♥
    Caz xxxx

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  4. You are very courageous, but I guess that you have to be.
    It was good to meet you both on Saturday at the ABBA 2019.
    My wife, Joy, has suffered from awful pain for about three decades. Having tried almost everything, pain management doesn’t work and changes in medication often have very unpleasant side-effects. Most recently, the doc tried her on pregabalin. Trying to get the correct dose was bad enough, but weening herself off them was just as terrible.
    She has fibromyalgia and five prolapsed discs in the lumbar region as well as a few other conditions. She’s had two back surgeries, but can’t have more because she has osteoporosis and the bones are crumbling.
    To come to the point, living alongside her suffering puts me in a position to understand how you feel. I really hope that you get some relief.
    Thank you for blogging about your pain. It helps others in similar circumstances. You truly have my admiration.

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