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Inspiring blogs has slipped to midweek again, but as I had already found the posts I really wanted to share them.  I didn’t get near my laptop on Monday as hubby was filling out the dreaded tax return online – this meant he had 2 laptops and the ipad spread out in front of him and he doesn’t even have a regular job!  Who knew that the tax office struggles to cope with zero hour contracts?!

Midweek Magic 16th May

The politics student has returned to university this week, but not before a trip to A&E to check out his knee.  I think that I mentioned last week that he had dislocated and then relocated his knee – the pain and terrible cracking continued and we were advised by the GP & a physio friend that he needed to go to hospital to have it checked.

Cartoon knee
image courtesy of clipart-library.com

So I duly packed off hubby and son, with flasks and sandwiches…..no, I didn’t but probably should have done as they were waiting for the best part of last Friday.  The wait we could understand – there were a lot of emergencies and the waiting room was full – but it was a shame about the attitude of the nurse specialist.  Son and hubby explained the problem and were slightly taken aback by the tone used to tell them that A&E is for really sick people!

They explained that the GP had sent them and were apologetic for taking up time…….but where does someone go with this sort of problem? No you are not seriously ill, but you do have something wrong that your GP can’t deal with……no wonder so many of us chronic bodies avoid going to hospital!

Enough moaning, yours truly has had an eventful week and managed several outings between the bouts of neck pain.  A curry with friends – a fellow zebra who made contact via this very blog, another reunion at my old school as Chair of the alumni group – a  group only 2 years behind me so I knew them which was great, and a National Theatre Live production of All My Sons at our local cinema.  If you get the chance to see this it is fantastic – Sally Field, Bill Pullman, Colin Morgan (aka Merlin!) and Jenna Coleman. Getting out of the cinema was a challenge as although the spinal cord stimulator helps with the pain it doesn’t help with the dead leg and immobility after sitting.  Good job I have a husband, eh? But it is no wonder I can hardly move today and am happy I have a new furry pal come to stay for a couple of days…….meet Jensen!

The posts encompass various things that have been happening this week – Mother’s Day in the USA (read Willow’s beautiful poem), ME/CFS awareness and mental health awareness. May is the awareness month for many conditions and I will put up a listing on another post – I don’t want to miss anyone out.  Don’t miss the inspiring ladies featured at Tea and Cake for the Soul. So grab yourself a drink, sit down and relax!










Please share some love and comment, like and share your favourites!

Have a great week,

Claire x

16th May MM



8 thoughts on “Midweek Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. Thanks for the reading material as always, Claire!

    Yikes, hope the hubby managed to get through all the tax stuff okay!

    I’m sorry your hubby & son had to cop that attitude from the nurse there. I know A&E departments do get a lot of ‘time wasters’ at the extreme, and people who could/should have gone to the GP, but she obviously is thinking in black & white terms. As you say, where else do you go? And the GP had sent him there anyway. How’s he doing now? Is the pain still as bad?

    I’m glad you got to enjoy a curry with friends, a reunion and also a trip to the cinema. I know our bodies pay the price for doing things but these sound worth it, and you can rest with the new found furry friend. Jensen is so sweet! How long is he staying for?


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      1. Oh no, that must be pretty frustrating! Give your hands and arms and shoulders a break. There’s also dictation software if you absolutely have to type/go online but are otherwise struggling to type. Not sure if you’ve ever tried something like that..? Sending gentle hugs xxxxx


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my poem about my mum, I am grateful. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. The fully agree with you about A&E. Just over a year ago our middle lad has Shigella Sonnei. He was in hospital then sent home with no diagnosis. After a couple of days staying with us and a visit from Paramedics we had to take him to A &E ..we had a seven and a half hour wait. He was finally admitted , he nearly died. He was frightened to go back to hospital because of the way they had treated him on his first stay in hospital. As I say he nearly died and even now 17 months after being so I’ll he is still having recurrence attacks.
    Keep smiling 😁 and hope to see you at the Bash 💜


  3. Oh, it’s terrible being told you shouldn’t be at a hospital. We shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for taking up their time with a genuine health problem.
    I had terrible rib pain last week and everyone said, “you should see the doctor.” I said that I’d be wasting their time and there’s nothing they can do for me anyway. We really shouldn’t be thinking that way.

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