Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! #Valentine’sDay

Love is in the air…..well it is Valentine’s Day this week anyway, and I hope that love is in the air for you, whether it be romantic or otherwise.  February 14th has never been a huge deal in our house – I don’t think Dad has ever sent Mum a card let alone flowers.  I have had flowers and cards over the years…and the occasional meal out – but I think after a particularly memorable night, crammed between 2 other couples in a Chinese restaurant and listening to their conversations as we couldn’t hear each other, the consensus was better to stay at home. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We might have passed this on to our kids having just mentioned it to one son, who looked at me as if I was mad even mentioning doing something to mark the day.  Funny thing is we are going out this year – hubby is taking me to a live RSC streaming of Twelfth Night….might even get a McDonalds out of it if I play my cards right (are they gluten free I wonder?!).

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So fingers crossed the current flare of POTS symptoms have passed by Wednesday otherwise he will be taking his daughter or mother in law!!  Talking of POTS – that is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, not the cooking variety – I saw the online community working at its best over the weekend.  A member of a POTS group put up a very distressed post that signalled an intentional overdose of drugs was being taken – the members of the group went into overdrive to find out where this person lived in the world, making contact with personal friends to check on them, calling on Facebook to help via the reporting suicidal thoughts, and sending message after message of support and hope.  I am so pleased to report that a message was posted last night saying that a stranger had called an ambulance, and the POTSIE was safely in hospital being assessed and truly appreciating all the good wishes.  No trolls, no nasty comments – social media at its best!nope

Yours truly has been sitting watching the winter Olympics and gasping out loud.  The wind!! How are those snowboarders doing it?  I have found the ice dancing particularly inspiring – it took me back to being about 8 and reading the Noel Streatfield novel White Boots.  That book changed my life and I was going to be an ice skater!!  Dad took me to Streatham ice rink in south London, I put one foot on the ice expecting to glide away – and, you guessed it, my derriere met with a very cold, wet landing.  Bang went that dream.  But some of those Olympians are inspirational – the young Russian girls literally float over the ice with such ethereal beauty, and the Canadian pair are just something else.  A human body really shouldn’t be able to do that!! (My bendy  friends will recognise this sentence!).

From inspirational athletes to inspirational blog posts!  This week I have added in some posts for Valentine’s – they are alternating with the normal mix of fab posts from some old  pals and some new friends – some spoonies, others not!  So sit back and relax with some great Monday Magic blog posts!

Really share the love this week and share these posts, comment and make a blogger’s day!

Have a lovely week,

Claire x



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13 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! #Valentine’sDay

  1. I’m single and have no false hopes of receiving any cards or messages this year, but I do intend on popping to the shops on Thursday for a pretty candle I had my eye on (which will be nicely priced with 50% off after Valentine’s!) I would totally agree with places being too crowded and loud on the day itself, so unless you have no intention of talking to your other half, staying in is usually a better idea. That said, seeing Twelfth Night sounds a little different to the norm so I hope your current flare is under control so that you can have a lovely time! PS. No idea about the McDs, but surely they have gluten-free ice-cream if pushed 🙂
    Caz xx

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  2. Emma (Not Just Tired)

    I really enjoyed reading your post 😊 I hope you manage to enjoy the Twelth Night tomorrow. Sounds like a lovely treat. I think the best we’ll manage is “dine in for two” but I’m quite excited at the thought of that! Like you I’ve never really been one for Valentines Day! I’ve also been enjoying the Winter Olympics – my son (he’s 3) likes to pretend he’s skiing around the living room! Oh my goodness, yes, how do those snowboarders do it! Looking forward to checking out these blogs 😊

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  3. Morgan Prince

    Social media can be a truly wonderful thing sometimes. I’m so glad there person was helped.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo


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