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Good morning, it is a beautiful day here in South London and the beginning of the summer holidays.  The A level student – will have to change his name now – has been dog and house sitting for the last week, and the lovely girl is currently in her PJs painting…..she may be great at art, but she is so messy!!  There are paints, pencils and pencil shavings everywhere – the beginning of my lounge turning into an art studio for 8 weeks.

She is currently working a matching picture of her grandparents’ other bull terrier (she didn’t like the first one that she started – pictured!!), has been asked to paint some canvases for the library in her old primary school (I think Harry Potter will figure!) and has a viking picture on the go for an instagram pal.  Oh, not forgetting the self portrait for her course work and the scrap book entitled “Blood, Flesh & Bones”.  She is taking some hideous pictures of family members hands, feet, elbows… dad told her she can’t afford his fee to strip off!!

Lucy self portrait
The start of a huge self portrait

As for me, well it has been a tricky week as you will have seen in my post about my benefits review, and I hate to complain about the lovely weather but it does send my circulation/POTS problems crazy.  I did manage a night out in London with Duncan though!  He told me we were going to a jazz concert in the Crypt of St Martins in the Field, Trafalgar Square – but when I saw some news feed that morning I had a sneaky feeling that I was actually being taken to the Formula One Live event in Trafalgar Square!  I wasn’t, but it did mean that the whole area was extremely busy and this was my first time in the wheelchair in a very crowded place which was quite intimidating.  The concert, with the wonderful Zena James, was fab though – a mixture of traditional and modern music jazzed up.  You should hear Zena’s version of Rag & Bone Man’s “Human”!!

Monday Magic

This week I have some posts on blogs that are all new to me and I have really enjoyed finding them.  I hope that you all enjoy exploring some new reads too… sit back with your cuppa and take some R&R with a new blog post!

Please like and post comments if you enjoy these posts – and for any C.I. bloggers who haven’t already, please check out The Chronic Illness Bloggers community, we are a very supportive bunch!

Claire x





12 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring blogs for You!

  1. Thank you so much for listing my blog under Inspiring Blogs! I’m enjoying your blog as well! Bloggers like yourself, help me because I know I’m not alone in my pain. Your compassion comes out in your blog posts. Sending a gentle hug to you ❤

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      1. Oh Julie, you are so not alone and so many of understand these feelings of shame – to the extent that I know it serves no purpose to tell you not to feel like this, cos it isn’t that easy to switch it off! I started the blog nearly 2 years ago when I had spinal cord stimulator surgery and after initial interest from family & friends died down, I started to have others contact me and then I found the Chronic Illness bloggers. So many friends had no idea that I had a long term condition, had surgery at 21 and had found myself with depression whilst battling this recent chronic pain and rapid decline (last 9 years). Hubby had a breakdown a couple of years ago – bolt from the blue, tho not really when I considered all that was going on. The friends I have made online have been invaluable and there is so much great writing out there that I felt I wanted to encourage sharing…so started Monday Magic a few months ago. Please stay in touch and contact me any time (DM me on facebook or twitter – will send my email) C xxx

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  2. Thank you for posting this! This was great to read and I completely understand! I have been battling Multiple Sclerosis for 16 years now and it is so frustrating. I just started my blog about it and it has been a great experience. I am now following your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts! Take Care!

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