The Blessed Project

Flicking through the blog posts on the blog share threads last weekend (Big Up Your Blog), one from Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride leapt off the page at me.  She has invited bloggers to join her in a very special, positive experience – The Blessed Project.

Susie says “Last year, I posted a list of blessings and included a few photos. The exercise took me to a place in my heart filled with love, gratitude, happiness, and sparkly things. My favorite! For the time it took to create the list, it banished bad news, headlines, and normal everyday frustrations like surfing to buy the perfect gift which is as slippery as Elf on a Shelf.”  What could possible be better at this time of the year than to focus on blessings…and some photos to embarrass your kids??

So where shall I start?

My family naturally…..hubby Duncan puts up with a lot, particularly on those flare days when I am horrible to be around, but he is always there.  He spends half his life running me to different hospitals across London and never (well almost never) complains and is always there to pick up the pieces – or just to pick me up!!

The kids… is challenging having the student engineer living back at home after 3 years away and my kitchen is living proof, but he is getting better at catching me before I pass out.  The middle one – do all middle children play on the old adage that middle borns have such a tough time? – is due home from uni next weekend and it will be lovely to see him (I think – dirty washing???).  We haven’t heard much from him, but presume that is a good thing – although he does send regular pics to his sister.  Finally my baby – my lovely girl.  She drives me mad with her untidiness, but she looks after me over and above what a teen should have to do for her mum – and constantly plays down the fact that she also has the same condition.

My parents – they live up the road and without them our lives would be so much harder on so many levels. Thank you, Mum & Dad!

Photo 28-06-2016, 12 15 43
Their first and only selfie!

My wheelchair – yes really!  It has given me a new lease of life as my mobility has decreased and pain has increased.  I have spent the last few years struggling to maintain some independence and to walk.  But the back pain initially and then the disabling effects of 2 back fusions (they really did add to my problems) and more hip dislocations have led to first funky walking sticks, then Smart crutches and now my wheels.  Not what I wanted during my 40s, but I can go out and join in! My eldest plans on taking me ice skating in it but I didn’t like the wicked glint in his eye when he suggested it!!

Friends who don’t give up on me when I blow them out, who stick by me and let me feel like the woman I used to be.  I also am very blessed to have a whole virtual friends family – bloggers and the chronic illness community who give such support and friendship…and “get it”!  Meeting with online Book Club friends at our annual birthday party was a treat.

I feel blessed to have found some kindred spirits this year at our EDS UK support group.

My furry friends – we have been blessed with some extra time with our elderly mutt, Sam, due to an understanding vet and painkillers (yes, for the dog!); but also our surrogate dogs, Chester who I love like my own, and Prince – both come round every week for walks with hubby and cuddles with me!


30 years on – meeting up with old school friends and feeling the years just slip away.  Hopefully staying in touch….have already met up with one and his family.Class of 87 pic

Finally….staying with the old school theme, I feel very blessed as the Chair of our alumni committee to have been invited to some wonderful events (Henley, the school drama) including the beautiful Carol Service last night in the parish church.  Talking to some of the parents and staff after, over mulled wine and mince pies, we all said that whether we were religious or not, it was a lovely way to start Christmas proper – putting aside the commercialism for just a short time and enjoying some true Christmas spirit.  There just might be a bit more of this spirit at the pub next week when I go to the One Term On event, for the youngsters returning after their first term at university…..won’t be staying too long as this old bird might really cramp their style!!!


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26 thoughts on “The Blessed Project

  1. What a lovely idea! I will for sure be doing this next week I love this we spend too much time on the negative sometimes and I really think that needs to change. Love seeing all your pictures and I hope you survive wheelchair ice skating lol

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  2. Thanks for sharing Claire. It’s always refreshing seeing an entirely positive post. I am still working on mine haha. I loved all the photos of your parents, kids and friends. It’s amazing that you guys have kept in contact so long!

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  3. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Such a lovely family and group of friends, so much joy. And of course, the pain. I am sorry for the pain you experience-I always wish that words were better at expressing that sense of empathy that I want to convey. The hope in yourwords, the gratitude, the authentic emotion of simply living the life you’ve been given is beauty personified. Thank you for sharing your blessings. I feel blessed in return.

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  4. Such a beautiful reflection of gratitude Claire. Even though life deals us some tough cards, it’s important to stop and be thankful for what we have and especially thankful for the loved ones who surround us. Have a Merry Christmas lovely. Xx

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  5. This is a truly wonderful post! Thanks so much for participating despite your health setbacks. I LOVE that you are able to look past them to the beautiful side of life.
    I’ll link this up on Wednesday!


  6. Unbound Roots

    I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing all of your blessing in your life. And, I love that you included your furry friends in your post. I’m such an animal lover. They bring a lot of happiness to our lives, don’t they? Lovely story!

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  8. lynnkelleyauthor

    I’m so glad Susie hosted The Blessed Project. It truly gave us an opportunity to reflect on all the blessings of 2017. I’m sorry you’ve had so many hospital visits and health issues. Your family sounds like they’re a huge blessings and supportive. I don’t think you’ll be cramping the young ones’ style at the One Term On event. I bet they’ll be thrilled to have you there. Have a wonderful time. Wishing you and your family huge blessings in the coming year.

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  9. Kel K

    Lovely reflections. I have been writing a thankful diary daily for the last few weeks and it really does help to keep me grounded. Have a lovely Christmas, thanks for linking up with us this year! #TheMMLinky

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