Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

Welcome back, pain pals, for another week and that means another Monday of inspiring blog posts that I have found for you.Monday Magic

I’m not going to write about the ups and downs of life in the Pain Pals house here this week – I still need to write a proper post about genetics, my lovely girl and i can now include our new family handbook….more of this later, I promise!

The dislocations have been fast, furious and very regular over the last week and severe gut pains after every meal have both left me fatigued and sofa bound……but the good news is that I have spent time finding and reading some great new blogs.  I have picked some posts here and they range from chronic illness depicted as sweets, to body image, to a review, to some delicious looking frozen treats – perfect for the summer holidays (if only the sun would come back!!).  If you are a mum of a daughter, or indeed an adolescent daughter, you must read Dear Little Girl With the Smart Mouth – it made me laugh and cry….and read it to my teen girl!

Image from jthreeNMe blog

So….grab a cuppa, sit down and unwind with these great, inspiring blog posts.  Please, please make someone’s day with a like, a follow, a share or even better a comment!

Image from My Fruitful Home website


Claire x




10 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. Oh Claire, I feel I will do the same, starting with the blogs you have picked. I just need to read some good things, real things, others ideas and approaches. I need to read about someone else because I am sick of me! Ever feel that way??? Thanks for these Monday posts. I love them. ~Kim

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    1. Kim, I completely get it! Sometimes it can feel like it is days that I’m in the house, feeling too rough to go out, but that I’m not really sick and should make more of an effort. But that effort is such hard work! Just reading something a bit different can really put a different light on things, and some of the posts out there make me laugh. Something that does amaze me is that I feel more connected with you online friends these days than friends I’ve known for years. Funny how things change eh? love C xxx

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