Apples & Pears

Last night I dreamt of Manderley……..oops, getting carried away and a tad confused, no Daphne du Maurier am I.  But I really did sleep last night and dream! Slightly odd dreams, but I only woke once which meant I managed a 6 hour stretch again.  No mean feat as the implant site is really painful.  But to wake in the morning, after so many years failing to sleep, and to know I have had hours of unbroken sleep is just wonderful.

I had another slight bleed last night from a different area, so Duncan has added another dressing to the patchwork.  One problem of course is, that as the blood dries, it becomes very stiff and this makes the whole area even more uncomfortable and itchy.  I hope that I will be given some instructions tomorrow about outpatient appointments, dressing change, suture removal – anyone else out there who can tell me if I’ll go back to St T’s or have it all done at my GP’s? Of course, I do have access to my own supply of nurses who did all my dressings after my last surgery…..

Something I need to clear up is that yesterday’s comments regarding the household chores was directed completely at those living under the same roof as me!!  I will quickly point out that yesterday help was on hand in the form of my fab mum, otherwise known as Mrs Mop in Dad’s post, who not only tackled the dog hairs and bathroom, but also braved her granddaughter’sbedroom.  And that is even worse than her grandsons’!!

Duncan spent the morning in the garden, enjoying the last of the summer sun and mowing the grass, for what he sincerely hopes will be the last time.  He gathered cooking apples and pears – I don’t exaggerate when I say that the tree is groaning under the weight of pears.  With my Medtronic Stim switched on, Scotland v USA on the TV, I perched and I started peeling!  3 crumbles and a pie later, I was pretty pleased with myself. It was the surgical pain rather than my pain that finally got to me, so I’m feeling very positive.  The only fly in the ointment today is that I am unable to turn “on & off” with just my programmer “MyStim”, having to use the additional antenna attachment instead.  This may be to be expected whilst the wound site settles…..or I might be doing something wrong. Anyone out there with any experience or answers?

So to the other “apples and pears” as I wend my way to bed and hope for more sweet dreams tonight!

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