Hit by a bus…..again

Good morning! It was a long evening, as I didn’t arrive back on the ward until 5.40 and we got home in time to watch Strictly with fish and chips.

The procedure was done by a different set of doctors, but the ward nurses and ODAs were familiar faces from a fortnight ago.  Initially no one seemed to know what type of device would be implanted, but then the Medtronic rep, a young man who is very personable & rather easy on the eye (politically incorrect to say, I know) popped in to have a chat.  The upshot of this is that, after a further chat in theatre with Dr Pang, they decided that I could have the rather pricey rechargeable neurostimulator – the implant is slimmer and if cared for correctly it should last longer (9 – 10 years dependant on usage).  Dr P switched me on in recovery and the good news is that the coverage on 4 – 5 volts continues to cover my entire pain area, and I am allowed to use it immediately.  I believe that with a rechargeable device the normal practice at St T’s is that the recipient cannot use it until they have been seen by the CNS in outpatients.  Hope no one gets in trouble – particularly me!IMG_0769

The down side is that I feel pretty rough this time.  On return to the ward my blood pressure was in my boots and I continue to feel nauseous and light headed.  My back is ok if I remain perfectly still…..ha, ha, ha! Not really surprising, I hear you say, as this is the second time in as many weeks to be cut, pulled and pushed – thank goodness for the nursing pillow that fits round me and prevents anything from touching me!  I now have enough drugs to start my own pharmacy, but the anti inflammatories were very welcome last night – the prophylactic antibiotics not so, but I have prepared for their unwelcome side effects this time with natural yogurt and Canesten.  Enough said…..

I actually slept quite well, although I did have some oozing from one of the wound sites – step forward nurse Duncan.  So begins the recovery process, including the agonies of waiting for the family to clean up, cook and take over household duties that they can’t see need doing!!  Then there is a very thick user manual to read before the electronics student gets his hands on it…….

Hmmm, too late!  He has found the pile of early Xmas pressies I was sent home with, including a very swanky camera style bag for the charger, pads and leads.  Now I have to contact my insurers – household to cover the devices for £2000!! & motor to inform them I am wired – literally.  I wonder how many of you saw the TV series Humans?  I can feel the stimulator beneath the skin – is this how it feels to be a Synth?!!image


2 thoughts on “Hit by a bus…..again

  1. Aileen

    By the sounds of it your doing really well, lomg may it continue huni. I look forward to an email from you soon for a nice chat!!


  2. A well wisher

    What about your nearby Mrs Mopp who cleans the toilets, hoovers up the dog hair and does the ironing? With love from the old people !


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