Another Long Day

Can you believe it! We were told to arrive at 10 am this morning so guessed I would be later on the list, but still left home at 7am to beat the traffic.  When we arrived on the ward, the same nurse said exactly the same as last time “I’m so sorry, but they’ve got you in far too early, I’ll get you a glass of water”. Aghhhh

We had already killed an hour, having driven straight through, in the Guy’s hospital cafe where Duncan enjoyed a breakfast deal, munching his way through a bacon roll with a cappuccino.  Never has sausages and bacon smelt so good – all because I couldn’t eat. I am now desperate for a cuppa – nothing new there my kids yell.

Talking of kids, I was just being admitted when my phone rang flashing up the name of my middle one’s school. Oh no, what has he done?! “Mrs Saul, I have your son in the office with a migraine – he really needs to go home”, “but I’m in Guy’s hospital waiting for surgery…” Good old grandad to the rescue for the second time this morning, having already dropped his granddaughter to the bus stop as she was running late!

So the wait goes on, and I’m following in the footsteps of London fashion week in my delightful gown and stockings…..image

3 thoughts on “Another Long Day

  1. Sandra P

    I love reading your blog Claire, it goes straight to my inbox. It’s the first thing I look for when I check my emails. Like I say I love reading it, but equally hate it. The chronic pain, and every type of feeling that goes with it just makes me so sad. This just shouldn’t be happening. But I was chuffed to bits to read you got 6 hours sleep the other night, made my day that did. I smiled somhard 😀

    I hope this latest op went well, and you’re as comfy as you can be. And I hope it gives you a decent amount of relief and normalcy.

    Lots of love to you and the fam, Sandra xx

    Ps. I’m coping alright on my morphine, started gabapentin mow, the amiltryptaline (sp) was crazy juice. The GP is thinking my lower back issues might be secondary to the hip bursitis afterall, he was thinking about cauda equine. But I dont think it is. Anyway, as long as I don’t do anything too bendy, twisty or lifty I can get by ok. Xxxx


    1. Thank you, Sandra! You are by far the expert on all things social media……I’m a beginner. Please add the site to your various sites if it might help someone else – or just give them a laugh!! C x


      1. Sandra P

        Hi Claire, thanks :).

        How are you feeling? Or is it too early to say just yet? I’m rocked up in Birminghams Jurys Inn this week, it’s our biennial biomedical congress. I absolutely love this! I had planned to be back at the hotel by 9pm and just take it easy and sort my clothes etc out.But nah, I met up with friends old and new and found myself crawling in at 1am. I might have known really, luckily I’m not on duty until 2pm tomorrow, I’m chairing about 6 support staff presentations, and 4 Sierra Leone related presentations. Exciting stuff!!



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