It’s going to be a long day……


We arrived at Guy’s at 7.30 am to be greeted by a corridor full of fellow chronic pain sufferers.  It never fails to amaze me how much laughter can be generated by people who are suffering so much. That old expression that “you’ve got to laugh otherwise you’d cry” has never been more true!  Anyway we are here for a variety of procedures, but those of us for neuromodulation are honoured to have individual en-suite rooms which are more reminiscent of a private hospital than the jolly old NHS.  The anaesthetist has been – I think I might have frightened him with mention of shoulder dislocation with my EDS – as has a theatre nurse and most recently a technician who will turn the device on in theatre.  Then another nurse popped in with the ominous words “I really don’t know why they brought you in so early!” – uh, oh!  So it looks like being a very long day as I am last on the list, following 3 full implants and expected to go in at about 3pm.  I have been granted one final glass of water, hurray!

Duncan has gone in search of coffee and bacon, so I will attempt to add to Pain Pals.

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