So, here goes……

“Why do you want to write a blog?” was my teenage son’s reply when I asked him to set this up.  That’s as good a place to start as any.

On Friday, tomorrow, I am due at Guy’s hospital brightand early for a neuromodulation trial – the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator (a  sophisticated internal TENS!) to help combat the chronic pain that I am suffering. I have read and watched various accounts online of other people’s experiences, but I want to try to put into words how this experience feels for me.  I would like to share my journey (at risk of sounding like I’m on X Factor) with my friends and other fellow chronic pain bods – you know who you are – all to be known as my Pain Pals!

I will try to update you on my progress regularly, as well as adding elements of my history and the often strange and laugh out loud moments of a body disabled by pain.

So back to my son’s question……I think that I am writing as much for me as for the rest of you.  To help to inform my friends and family, to get my own thoughts and feelings out and, if I can, to help anyone else out there who is living with chronic pain.

Nil by mouth shortly, early start tomorrow morning.

Thanks for joining me,

your pain pal,  Claire

16 thoughts on “So, here goes……

  1. Aileen

    I enjoyed reading the first instalment of your blog. Good luck i really do hope it works for you unlike myself having to find other ways to cope and live in constant pain as you know!


  2. Well done, Claire. It’s been a long haul for you. I so hope the SCS is a real success for you. So interesting to read your blog. Good luck. Jan


  3. Natalie Baumann

    Heard you are home Claire. Have I missed the update on how it went and how it is currently going. You seem to have started an avalanche, so many people out there suffering. Hope some of you if not all can find relief! Good luck xx


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