8 thoughts on “Wired for sound

  1. David Ellis

    Claire. I hope the new ‘bionic claire’ (probably not bionic and maybe closer to electronic, but Steve Austin never made a tv show about implants) is getting some sleep and r&r. I like the blog idea so keep the words flowing. Best of luck. David


  2. Jean

    Hi Claire , hope your not to sore today ? what procedure did he do for you and did you leave the choice up to him ? .Got a phone call yesterday and im in on the 16th October didn’t sleep last night thinking about it . Jean xx


    1. Hi Jean – glad you have a date! Wasn’t sure who was doing it as Dr Al Faisy was on the letter so I didn’t make a decision in case it was taken away from me. But when Dr P came in and typically said it was up to me I was a bit stumped……however he did let slip that his preference is tunnelled but he will do p/c if there is a med reason or he isn’t confident it will work. So I have a tunnelled lead! Will be in touch soon, Keep smiling and stretching, C x


      1. Jean

        Morning Claire how are you feeling today, I hope your not to sore do you feel any benefits yet ?? loved your picture nicely padded out ,please keep in touch with how things are going . Love Jean xx


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