Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

8Welcome to another Monday Magic and some great blog posts to entertain and inspire.  The last week has seen both Halloween and Bonfire night – I think that we gave out goodies to about 50 little witches and monsters (I know, this is small fry compared to some of my pals in the USA), and the fireworks seem to have been almost nightly.


I have to give a shout out to all our pets for having to put up with this human fascination with loud explosions, deafening whistles and a sky full of bright lights.  Our old boy Samson spends much of the evening barking or trying to hide – at approx 15 he is getting on in dog years and periods of doggy dementia do kick in, particularly with fireworks.  The beautiful Chester, our surrogate dog who we look after for friends and love as our own, was also very chilled on Saturday night unlike his best buddy Freddy (a neighbours’ pooch) who also spent the night barking.  The things we put them through!

Our house has been transformed into an artist’s studio again this week, as the lovely girl has been putting together her sketch books for an interview at school tomorrow.  Having 2 weeks half term holiday has given her even more time to spread her wares from room to room to room……I know I’m biased but she has come up with some great concepts for the project title “I. Me, Mine”.  Meanwhile hubby, otherwise known as Mr Intimate Audio, has also been creating as he looks at new and exciting finishes for the hifi horn speakers that he designs and builds.  I think that we need a studio…..IMG_3541

I, meanwhile, have found you a mixture of posts this week starting with “November Prompts” from my friend Sheryl at A Chronic Voice – this is a lovely link up, that I will try to put my own prompts to this month.  I have found an interesting post about modern racism, some wonderful poetry on Thoughts from Jasmine, a post about social anxiety in children (very applicable for my lot even if they are tweens!) along with a mix of chronic illness posts.  Need I say more – grab a cuppa, turn off your phone and enjoy some great reads!

Please, please make someone’s day and like, follow, comment on their post if you enjoy it.

Claire x


Monday Magic 6 Nov
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8 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. I’m glad at least Chester was fairly chilled on Saturday. I remember our dog getting quite scared when he first heard bangs on a night with fireworks, then gradually got used to it. But it’s like he’d forget the next night that he’d been through it all the night before, getting scared and antsy all over again! I think maybe you do need a studio, surely hubby would like that for when the weather turns nasty and he can’t do his stuff outside! Worth suggesting 😉 Thanks for the links, will check them out as I always love finding new writers and topics.x

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    1. You are very welcome – I was about to send you a message, but you beat me to it. Your post is so thought provoking and as you say we have come a long way with all areas of prejudice… mum to a gay son I am glad that he is growing up now rather than 40 years ago…..but there is still a long way to go be it racial, LGBT, disability. So long as she remembers to take everything tomorrow, my girl should do ok – about to update her instagram account as she is too modest to add her work! So pleased to meet on Big Up Your Blog x

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