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Monday Magic


Good evening and apologies for the delay in today’s MONDAY MAGIC.  I have been otherwise engaged in Accident and Emergency following a Potsie faint yesterday afternoon – my Smart crutches held onto my arms as I fell leaving me with dislocated shoulders, elbow alongside a hip, knee and ankle.  One shoulder was not playing ball and by this morning my hand was swollen and resembling navy cottage cheese, my neck and pec muscles were in spasm and my arm was twitching like a paper fortune telling fish.

An xray confirmed what we already knew – and more as it was a particularly “odd” dislocation according to the consultant.  A dose of IV fentanyl & paracetamol, midazolam to relax the muscles and knock me out and 2 burly doctors did the trick.  We did smile though when told to go back to fracture clinic in 10 days – it will be out several times by then!  Feel like I’ve been hit by a truck tonight – I hurt so many bits in the grand collapse that Duncan is banning all walks now!!

This week’s blogs for you to get your teeth into are:

  10. DSC

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