Today, You beat Me

Today, You beat me,

I woke with You again

Wrapped about my back like a lover,

Pulling at my limbs

My shoulders splayed

My joints pulled with gravity.


Today, You never let up.

I tried to lose You

But You brashly force out the monster,

The worst version of myself

Cross and bitter,

My loved ones suffer.SONY DSC


Today, You rob me.

My time is destroyed,

I cannot sit and idle in peace

For my body betrays me,

As you are with me

Within, trapping me.


Today, You beat me.

My body is weakened

And tears have fallen as spirit breaks.

So, so tired, no way back

I am bereft.

Pain, You have won.


Claire Saul


Today you beat me pin

13 thoughts on “Today, You beat Me

  1. Tomorrow is a new day. And your pain will blog about being pummeled by your strength; about how it has seen the face of true wonder and been amazed by your powers to overcome. But no one will like Pain’s post, he has no friends and keeps only misery as company.
    Very beautifully written; thank you for sharing.

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