Are you a Chronic Illness Blogger?

Calling all bloggers – do you write about chronic illness?  Have you found the Chronic Illness Bloggers yet?  We are a group of like minded individuals who link up and support each other on our blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram….you get the idea.

Our blogs range from posts on individual illnesses – pain, fibromyalgia, EDS, mental health, migraine, Lyme disease, to name but a few – to reviews of products, books etc., coping mechanisms, recipes, blogging tips and living life!  Come and join us.


18 thoughts on “Are you a Chronic Illness Blogger?

  1. Yes I am a chronic illness blogger. I have bipolar disorder 1 and write about my life and journey of living with bipolar disorder 1 to help others not feel alone and also to increase awareness, educate others and help reduce mental illness stigma and reduce suicide. I also write about how God saved my life. Please check out my blog as soon as you get a chance and I hope you enjoy my posts and blog. Hugs and blessing. Sue ❤

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    1. Hi Jen, nice to meet you! I have followed your blog and look forward to reading your post, sharing and tweeting etc! If you fill out the forms on the Chronic Illness Bloggers website, Julie (wonderful lady who organises it all) will send you an invitation to the closed group of bloggers on Facebook as this is where we keep up with each other, post our latest blog links, follow instagram, pinterest etc and generally support each other. C x

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  2. I’m a chronic illness blogger at 🙂 i have a few problems but fibromyalgia is my hardest to cope with for sure. I’m also a student. I’m always looking for more groups to follow and help out in. Best way to make friends!


  3. I’m new at blogging! I’ve had Chronic Lyme disease and Babesia since I was 5 but was diagnosed late at 14 (I’m 20 now and going through my first time of an aggressive treatment). I’m excited to be a part of a supportive community with like-minded people who understand the physical, mental, and emotional pain that comes with a chronic illness. 🙂

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    1. Hi Courtney, great to meet you! I have found so many people who just “get it” in this community – people who in ordinary life I wouldn’t have the chance to meet. You are right – there are so many people to support you out there. The Chronic Illness Bloggers is a really great place to meet others when starting out – just sign up here: and then you will be sent a link to the members facebook page. There are opportunites to do reviews and monetize, but most of us join for the support! Welcome, Claire x


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