Chronic Pain and the Erosion of Self 5: Missing Special Moments 

Great post by Kindra – will ring bells with many of you painpals!

Chronic Pain Cockney - The Little Things

As anybody living with a debilitating chronic illness can tell you, missing the really special or important moments is a terrible aspect of Chronic Life. It’s not just our moments that pass us by either, but the moments of people we care about.

Today my daughter went to her little cousin’s 2nd birthday party. They spent the afternoon building and making things in the woods at a nature reserve and judging by the photos and the worn out child who came home to me, a great & muddy time was had by all. My husband & my mum took my daughter to this event; I wasn’t able to lift my head from pillow or stand up for longer that 30 seconds until I took some of my emergency pain meds at 6 in the evening. Even then, I was only able to sit up long enough to have something to…

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