I’m still alive

This evening I heard a young lady of 18 state that she wakes every day in pain, but “the pain lets me know that I’m alive”.  

She has suffered with juvenile arthritis since she was a little girl and has chronic pain in every joint in her body, yet she is taking part in the Children in Need rickshaw challenge.  A team of 6 youngsters, each with their own special story, started their journey yesterday at Land’s End, and will cycle across southern UK to arrive in London next Friday for the live BBC Children in Need event. 

What a wise head on such young shoulders!  I will try my hardest to use this philosophy on waking each day.

Support Team Rickshaw at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/vgrPhwRvgf4Gb4XkM0NXXB/the-rickshaw-challenge-2015

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