Ready, steady, go……

Good morning  – many apologies for those of you awaiting an update last night, but I was simply shattered!  The journey home in rush hour traffic was not great.

Mum and Dad took me back to Tommy’s yesterday as Duncan had an appointment elsewhere.  The journey was considerably easier than last week’s and we arrived in time to treat ourselves to hospital delicacies for lunch.  Chilli con carne and pasta bake – both of which were considerably better than the meals we were served on the course (more of that on page about INPUT).

So the important question – what did they say?  I had another dressing change and am delighted to report that the wound and MRSA swabs all came back negative, and whilst more wound swabs were taken in line with pre surgical protocols, the nurses were confident that the wounds are healing well and appear infection free.  Every dressing change brings renewed itching….I will be so pleased to see the back of mepore dressing tape!  Back in to see the CNS, Steph and this time 2 doctors.  We obviously had a chat about how I felt I was getting on, what differences I had noticed, pain coverage and pain relief.  My stimulator was “read” and the team were able to see how much I had been using the device & the level of stimulation I needed.  The good news is that Steph announced she has booked me in to return to Guy’s tomorrow for a full implant – hurray!  I am delighted and relieved in equal measures!

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