After a couple of relatively settled days, tomorrow I return to St Thomas’ for an outpatient appointment.  This time I have some idea what to expect – another dressing change, meeting with CNS and doctor.  The doctor called me yesterday to touch base and check how the weekend had been, asking the usual “on a scale of 1 – 10, how was your pain before the trial and now”; as a nurse I always queried the worth of a pain score done this way and now I question it even more,  A debate for another day!

Tomorrow a decision will be made regarding proceeding to the full implant or ending the trial and removing the electrodes.  I keep asking myself if there could be anything that will show up on my stimulator trace that would prevent the procedure from going ahead.  Could i jinx it?  I am nervous now as so much is riding on this……………………

One thought on “Jinx

  1. Aileen

    Fingers crossed its worked, there know by the assessment that’s done and the reading that’s got from the gizzmo (what i called my stimulation box). You have to be frank with them, how it really has been. Do you think it has worked for you? Hope it has.


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