Accessibility Day at Gatwick Airport – Air Travel with Chronic and Invisible Illnesses

Accessibility pin

Photo courtesy of Dan McKenzie

Please note this has been written from my personal perspective

12 thoughts on “Accessibility Day at Gatwick Airport – Air Travel with Chronic and Invisible Illnesses

  1. Thank you for sharing this! This has made me more optimistic about travelling abroad. The last time I went abroad was about a year before I got sick – I’ve had some anxiety about what travelling abroad would be like for me now. Do you have to have a disability badge in order to be approved for accessibility at Gatwick? That’s the airport that my family and I tend to use as well so that’s a great coincidence! 🙂
    Tasha x

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    1. Hi Tasha, I’m glad this was helpful! I don’t believe you have to have a blue badge to qualify for the accessibility as families and the elderly can use the service. Please don’t take my word for it – just make a quick phone call to the airport a few days before you travel, C x

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      1. Thank you, I’ll definitely do this. Those kind of things would make such a difference to the journey. I did a week trip to Bognor Regis with the family (about 2hr drive) and had heavy migraines on the way there and the way back as a result of the travel circumstances!

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  2. This sounds like a fantastic day to get to know more about what help’s available, and to feedback to the providers with any suggestions/opinions/improvements etc. It sounds like they’ve done an amazing job with additional support throughout the process of getting into the airport, getting around, getting to the plane, and the lanyards are a fantastic idea. Love that V lounge, wish that were my living room! The Sensory Room is an interesting one, too.

    Great job with this, Claire – An incredibly helpful and thorough post post for those visiting in the future, and it’s reassuring to know things are made that bit easier for those with chronic and/or invisible illnesses who may otherwise have been put off by the idea of travelling.
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks Caz – I’m glad that it reads well. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply – struggling a bit with online activity for various reasons including time, family and pain!! I ALWAYS appreciate your comments and know I haven’t been keeping up with my regular blog pals enough, C x


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