Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bone!

Have you ever wondered why tea tastes so much better out of bone china?  As a youngster I could never understand why my grandma and great aunt always insisted on a teacup and saucer for their cuppa, but as I get older I start to appreciate these things.  I’m not saying that I use a teacup – there is no way that I am ladylike enough to manage one, crook my little finger and balance a saucer for that.  The EDS shaky hands make it hard enough to cope with a mug, believe me!  But I do enjoy drinking from a bone china mug these days.

Stream of Consciousness Bone

What happened to those teacups and saucers though? How many of us have inherited dinner services and tea sets from loved ones that never see the light of day?  Afternoon tea is becoming trendy here in the UK and there are various tea and coffee shops that serve delights upon and in a mismatch of tea plates, cups and saucers.

However my grandmother’s bone china tea cups came in very useful earlier this year, and not for drinking from!  The lovely girl made a sculpture for her final piece of art work in the summer and you guessed it, one side is adorned with smashed china to fit with the subject title “Fragments”.  I hope that my relatives are looking down with approval!

IMG_1707 2

This is for Linda Hill Stream of Consciousness Saturday!   Linda gives us a writing prompt and participants just write!  Hence stream of consciousness.  Have a look at her site for more prompts and ideas.


3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bone!

  1. I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for mugs, not dainty cups mind, just mugs of all varieties (there are worse things to have a cupboard full of)! I’m quite peculiar with having tea for different things in certain mugs, but that’s because I really like tea, and the tea or cup makes a difference. I like to take joy in simple things these days! 🙂
    I love the Fragments piece, that’s fascinating and such an intriguing, imaginative way of using the china! xx

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    1. I am the same! I hate tea from mugs with dark or black insides, so the kids use them to wind me up….I have favourites for tea (current favs are an Asterix one and a multicoloured bone china zebra one , both brought back from French school trips by hubby) and a separate one for coffee. Also have a cupboard full that I can’t bear to part with!!
      We are waiting to get Lucy’s sculpture back so that we can mount it on granite – the school art department have it on display as she received full marks for her concept!

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      1. Wooohoooo, she deserved full marks so I’m so glad she got them! I think mounting is on granite is a lovely idea.
        And I’m also glad to know I’m not alone in secretly harbouring the dark secret of mug love. I tried to do the whole ‘get rid of one when I buy a new one’ but I still run out of space because like you’ve found too, it’s hard to part with them! 🙂

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