Help! Baking bread – in need of ideas please! GF and student proof!

I have just done my first gluten free ( and a few other frees!) Christmas!  For various health issues I have had to alter my diet this year – another post for another day, but I shall just say I was feeling really ill! – and am learning as I go along, particularly with gluten and lactose.  The supermarkets are catering more and more with “free from” ranges, but some of these seem to me to be ridiculously expensive whilst others are a downright con…..check out the equivalent to certain things in the regular aisles and they are already gluten free and a fraction of the price.  Rant over….

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Google Image….not my own, yet!!


Anyway, hubby had a brainwave and suggested to my lovely in laws that they buy us a bread maker for Christmas – the idea being that we will make our own gluten free loaves.  However I think it will be hijacked by other members of the family, particularly the student engineer who has been almost singing that he will have fresh bread every day.  If you could hear him sing, you would know that this is not a good thing for the rest of us – nor has he taken the machine out the box yet to attempt his daily fresh produce.  Silly me, that is what mum is for!

Lemon drizzle
Lemon drizzle with Cranberry & orange jam, beneath batter

My dodgy body parts have meant that I haven’t managed bread yet – although I did bake some Victoria sponges and lemon drizzle using my own cranberry & orange jam as gifts for family and friends before Christmas.  Being inventive with limited income means uses talents you know you have sometimes!! Last year the festive jam in mini doughnuts worked a treat!

Anyway my blogging friends – I wonder how many of you bake using a bread machine, and who can send me some foolproof gluten free recipes?? Not forgetting something for the student engineer!!

Look forward to your ideas,

Claire x

P.S:  My Rickshaw challenge is nearing the end and I hope to complete 150 miles on the exercise bike – not bad considering how much of December I have been laid up.  All donations for Children in Need gratefully received – thanks x

19 thoughts on “Help! Baking bread – in need of ideas please! GF and student proof!

  1. I used a bread machine for years, but nothing gluten free I am afraid. Now I just mix up a batch and throw it in the oven every day(still not gluten free). My guess is that once you find a good recipe, you will love the bread machine.,I know that I did. Sorry I am no help with the gluten free part.

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  2. I love freshly made bread and would be interested to see what you end up making with your machine, Hopefully, you will get lots of tips, I know Esme from the Recipe Hunter makes a lot of gluten-free food. 🙂

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  3. Flossie

    Yeah, I’m afraid I haven’t ever tried making GF bread with a bread machine – to be honest, we use our bread machine little these days, and when I do use it I usually ADD gluten to help it hold together 😦 . There have got to be answers out there on the web somewhere, though! Good luck in your quest! 🙂

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  4. I think you’ve done amazingly well with Victoria sponges and lemon drizzle – I’m sorry I can’t offer any tips or suggestions regarding the bread as it’s one of those things that simply gets ‘made’ and ready prepared in a shop for me! I hope you’re healing well and all the best with the 150 miles! I did find these, but I’m not sure if they’ll be of any help..?
    Caz xx

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  5. I don’t have any advice for the bread itself, but for recipes I do! 😀 Look up FODMAP recipes! They are fantastic for people with IBS or other stomach issues (I followed the FODMAP diet when I used to be able to eat and it was delicious and made me feel great), and luckily FODMAP meals are also super tasty!

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      1. Oh it was absolutely crazy right? Who knew onion and garlic had so much power! I need to post my favourite meals from when I was eating that are gluten/dairy/etc free, I’ll make a blog post on it soon enough! ❤

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  6. I’m still new to this gluten free stuff and have no tips for using a bread maker. that sling reminds me of my own painful shoulder. Hoping it starts to feel better. I just started using an Oska pulse for mine. I think it is helping.

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  7. I love the smell of bread baking in my house. Admittedly I don’t bake much at all. And when I do, I use a bread machine. My go to place for recipes is always Jamie Oliver – he usually has some good basic recipes to get me started. I’m pretty sure he has some gluten free ones too 🙂

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