What are Dysautonomia and POTS?

Hannah on Sunshine and Spoons blog has written this post about Dysautonomia and POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

She recently did a straw poll on a facebook group that we belong to and very few people had any idea what this medical term means.  I knew because I have it…..but had never come across the term in my own medical career.  Some of you will have read how my symptoms have been particularly bad recently, but I am now able to stand upright again!!

Please read the whole piece and share in order to help us spread awareness!

What are Dysautonomia and POTS?

What are Dysautonomia and POTS-

Did you know that October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month?

Let me back that up a little….do you know what dysautonomia is?

If you said no, you’re not alone.  Most people have never even heard of it.  I didn’t know what it was either until I was diagnosed with it.  I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS which is one of the autonomic disorders that falls under the umbrella term of dysautonomia.  Other types include Neurocardiogenic Syncope or NCS and Multiple System Atrophy or MSA.

Despite the fact that many people have never heard of dysautonomia, it’s not rare.  It’s estimated that over 70 million people around the world have it in one form or another.  Often, it’s a secondary condition to another disease or disorder such as diabetes, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Celiac Disease, arthritis, and more   The most severe cases can result in death.

What is POTS?
Your autonomic nervous system regulates different functions throughout your body such as your heart, digestion, temperature, blood pressure, etc.  People with an autonomic disorder such as POTS have issues regulating those things.


To read the whole post visit Sunshine and Spoons 

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6 thoughts on “What are Dysautonomia and POTS?

  1. 8 have recently three months four days and nine hours ago been diagnosed with Haemochromatosis a genetic condition. Never heard of it docs don’t know much about it. It’s one of the most common genetic disorders but the most undiagnosed or talked about. So I know exactly what you are saying. We have to become the experts… once we come to terms with it all. And no this was another unheard of condition, thank you for sharing about it.

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  2. I have POTS, been diagnosed for 3 years.
    POTS is not genetic, no one in my family has POTS. They do have other heart diseases. My cardiologist says everything he had read online is not entirely true with his POTS patients.
    I am not doctor by any means but this illness I have had a to teach many doctors and ER doctors on how to not kill me.

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