Visible Scars

Those invisible scars can be the hardest to heal….remarkable post from Ruby on Throwback Thursday.

A Ruky'z Life!

I never thought about visible scars being a blessing…

I think sometimes people look at me and think I’m too weird, too silly, too immature, or too reckless. But I think to have visible scars, people also think, “Wow she went through some trauma… Wow, she can laugh the way she does after going through all that? It’s surprising she can still smile the way she does… Oh, that makes sense now.”

Sometimes having visible scars justify my actions… sometimes…

Being a trauma survivor is what makes me a part of who I am. Having visible scars lets people know I’m a survivor without having to tell them.

Some people don’t have that luxury. The luxury of having someone look at them and know they are a survivor. There are a few who don’t have visible scars. Countless survivors went through a trauma that no one knows about because they…

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