Ready for Sleep

Sleep is difficult with chronic pain – some tips here from ItPainsMe blog


I love my bed, and I love putting on my jammies, shortly after the dogs have their after dinner walk. So yes, bedtime starts right after dinner!!  Sleep is difficult when you’re in pain, but there are many things I’ve learned that help prepare me for sleep.  Falling asleep, staying asleep, waking too early are all problems. Trying to get comfortable is the hardest thing to do.

  1. Comfortable sleep wear that hits the just right temperature, not too hot or cold. Pjs that allow lots of twisting and turning! I like inexpensive tops and pants from Old Navy, they are made of  thin fabric.
  2. Bed:I use a lambswool mattress topper that is supposed to help cushion the pressure points and relieve discomfort. It was pricey but really nice. I swear I sleep better on clean sheets, too. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying almost every pillow type there is…

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