A Fatal Blow over Disabled Parking

Last night we watched a repeat of the Channel 4 documentary “One Killer Punch“, which examined the phenomenon of a one punch kill.  It was very emotive and as the mother of two young adult males, I feel devastated for the four families torn apart in the first and last cases shown.  Difficult to watch and I am sure extremely hard to make, there have been calls for it to be shown in all secondary schools. Everyone will have a different and personal opinion whilst watching these young men and the families speak on film and this is in no way meant to belittle a heartbreaking subject.

Rather I want to highlight the other case which all hinged upon the right to use a disabled parking bay.  I know that this is another emotive subject that those of us on “spoonie” social media will see discussed time and time again.  How many times is someone judged from the way they look as to whether they are worthy of that bay?

imageIn this heartbreaking incident, a man died because another judged that he was not in need of this parking space in a supermarket car park.  The attacker saw a gentleman walking out to place some goods in his car and, because he wanted the spot for himself and his disabled wife and he deemed the other unworthy of parking there, he got out of his car and hit the gentleman.  He didn’t stop to notice the blue badge sitting on the dashboard, or the name on it that showed it belonged to the gent’s wife.  He didn’t wait to hear that the lady was still in the store and suffers with rheumatoid arthritis.  Instead with one punch he floored a stranger and then calmly got back into his vehicle when he “heard his head crack on the ground” and drove home.

Several hours later a distraught family had to make the decision to turn off life support and another family suffers as a member is sent to jail.  What a senseless waste of a life.


I know that there are some people out there who use relatives blue badges/disabled permits illegally, but I would like to think that they are in the minority.  In the UK being issued with a blue badge is no easy task now, and I’m sure that it is equally difficult elsewhere. I would  like to say to everyone please don’t be too quick to judge someone who doesn’t look “disabled” using a disabled parking bay – we are all different and our needs can vary from minute to minute.  Believe me, I would rather be skipping the length of the high street than needing to use a stick and wheelchair to enable me to park closer to that shop!

Another post with some similar blue badge stories can be found here: https://wheelchairvista.life/2013/12/14/murder-over-a-blue-badge-bay/


6 thoughts on “A Fatal Blow over Disabled Parking

  1. This is exactly what my husband worries about. I can’t drive due to the amount of medication I’m on. He’s worried about stashing me somewhere, going to load the car and running into an idiot. He’s 6’5″ and slim, so maybe they wouldn’t, but you don’t know. I don’t make it out much anymore, probably for the best.

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    1. But it is crazy that we should have to feel like this, isn’t it?! Since my mobility has deteriorated and I generally have a wheelchair now, but definitely a stick, I don’t feel the pressure so much. But I definitely felt guilty when I first got my blue badge as I know people looked at me and thought I was too young to need it. My husband is just like yours and worries too….my mum will accost anyone in a disabled spot who doesn’t have a badge and I worry she will be flattened!! C x

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      1. I definitely have a stick, too. Have for a while. My husband looks much younger than his years, so I believe that leads to some of the fear, and it was probably worse when we had our really old car. Hate to say, but our car likely lends a bit of insulation and legitimacy. I worry for your Mom, too!

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  2. Hi honey, I have not seen this documentary, however my best friends brother was killed this way when he was in his 20s. It needs to be told everywhere how fragile life is and how easy it is to take someone’s life! I hate that it happened over a parking space, I am shaken that a disabled woman was left to deal with that after the person drove away! This is a big scary world I am writing a post about that now and it makes me want to just hide away. Beverley xx

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    1. We have asked our boys(18 & 21) to watch it – they think they are invincible at that age! It is frightening how one moment of madness/loss of control/whatever can cause so much harm. The world feels even scarier here in London today….look forward to your post, C xxx

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      1. Thankfully I live in the midlands and in a village, but we were supposed to be coming to London for an autograph convention LFACC next month but have decided not to go. It is just too scary right now

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