26 Great Facebook Groups (Plus a Few Other Things)

This is a great post from “How To Get On” full of websites and blogs and groups to enjoy. Thanks Lily for putting it together and for including PainPals!!

How to Get On

small029.jpg Artwork: Robin Mead

It’s possible that I have now joined every Facebook group ever created. Here are a few where I have found the moderators to be exceptionally kind and welcoming and a great group of people.

I am sure there are many wonderful groups I am accidentally missing or forgetting. If I left off a group where I post regularly, it was not intentional! Please comment below with any groups you like that got left off this list.

Housebound or Bedbound 

🍄 CFS/ME/Fibro Housebound Or Bedridden Support

Lyme & Disability & Services

🍄  Social Service Connections for Lyme Disease (in the US)

Mast Cell

🍄 Mast Movement

Best Email Newsletter Ever Ever Ever

🍄 New free email paper! Please sign up! Peace. Love. Spoons.

ME and CFS

🍄  Race to Solve ME/CFS

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