Great self care post with tips that everyone will enjoy!


all photos by Rebecca Claire, (Sony Xperia X, edited with VSCO) // all rights reserved

This morning I planned to get up bright and early, bash out a killer blog post and spend the afternoon chilling in the blazing sun with some good friends, good burgers and good ciders. But Saturdays never go to plan do they? Said friends are feeling under the weather and my head feels all fuzzy from days upon days of socialising.

I need to recharge.

I’ve been busy having fun the past month and it’s been fantastic but I just need a day in nobody’s company but my own. Not to mention, my bank account (and liver) could do with a 24 hour break from being hammered.

We all talk about having self-care time where we go full pamper on ourselves by burning candles, running a lush bath, smothering a face mask on and whatever else…

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