What does Ehlers Danlos Syndrome look like?

Please just take a moment out of your day to view these remarkable photos that the Ehlers Danlos facebook community have shared with The Mighty in response to the question

What does Ehlers Danlos Syndrome “look like”?

A couple of my own to add to the mix……

Not even doing the full bend here – don’t do this at home!
Standing at home for pics of Lord & Lady Goth….but spent the party in my wheelchair as POTS bad & had just fainted before this!
Pretty one this….slow healing after one of the spinal fusions
Would you know? These 3 all have elements, tho not formerly diagnosed…..chronic migraines, all have mega anxiety issues and spot the bendy arm!

One thought on “What does Ehlers Danlos Syndrome look like?

  1. My son was diagnosed last summer, he is 10 now. This article is great and I’ve found this disorder is so unique to each individual that everyone’s experience can be different.
    Thank you for writing about this disorder and bringing some much needed awareness.

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