In memory…..Do you remember?

A short post following a tough week – the gunning down of innocent lives in Orlando, the thuggish behaviour of football fans at the Euros from a variety of nations,  2 young contestants from TV talent shows gunned down in separate incidents in USA, the stabbing & shooting of a young mother who happened to be a Member of Parliament.  Our own problems suddenly swing sharply back into focus – maybe this dislocated shoulder that I’m nursing isn’t so bad afterall, or the pain at my implant site, or the falls & faints.

So many young lives have actually been lost over the past days, and many more are blighted by chronic illness – I want to share this poem that I wrote for a close friend who died young.  I hope that the sentiments will resonate for the lives we have lost, including Jo Cox, Christina Grimmie, Mexican  Jano Fuentes & the 50 in Orlando nightclub Pulse, and also the lives struggling to come to terms with chronic illness, whilst remembering the lives that they have also lost.

File 01-05-2016, 12 11 30 (1)

Please share and remember.

A full post next time!

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