#Besides my Diagnosis

Ness, The Girl with the 5 lads and Fibro blogger, has come up with a great idea to encourage those of us who have been ill for some time to fall back in love with ourselves.  She is planting a little seed to see how it grows and flourishes into something that can only be good, a place to learn to love ourselves again and all the wonderful attributes besides our diagnosis.

So by using the #Besides my Diagnosis and answering some questions about ourselves, not our illness, we can start to catch sight of “the real me” again and share some self-love and appreciation for people who need to feel they are more than their diagnosis.

Here goes….

1. #besidesmydiagnosis the three things about my appearance that I love in the mirror?

My eyes – still large & brown, my thick hair which my lovely friend Bev cuts beautifully and my height 5ft 8″

 2. #besidesmydiagnosis the things I have read most are?

Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and Thomas the Tank Engine

 download (9)

3. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite comfort foods are?

Banana, dark chocolate and marmalade on toastdownload (7)


4. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite past times are?

download (2)Watching films – Netflix, Amazon & cinema when I can, food & eating, volunteering at 2 schools, reading & listening to Radio 4 dramas/books


5. #besidesmydiagnosis my biggest accomplishment since illness is?

Getting 2 boys nearly through teenage years – girl still to come!


6. #besidesmydiagnosis I feel my best quality is?



7. #besidesmydiagnosis my motto/mantra to live by?

My headmaster used to regularly ask in Latin “what is the thief of time?” to which we would all answer “procrastination”…..so images (28)these days I try to live for the day and not put off until tomorrow anything I can do today…..I may not be able to do it tomorrow!


8. #besidesmydiagnosis I would love to travel to?

Venice – we planned to go for our 20th anniversary and I wasn’t up to it

Africa for a safari and New England in the fall – both of which we had planned 20 years ago when I unexpectedly found I was pregnant!images (22)


9. #besidesmydiagnosis my guilty pleasure is?

 The Vampire Diaries on Netflixdownload (8)

10. #besidesmydiagnosis I have many dreams and ambitions such as?

To revisit New York; to open a birthday cake business (I try to do it informally for friends); to open a hospice/care home for young people2015-04-10 14.51.45

 File 06-05-2016, 22 53 26


If you have a chronic illness, join our Blog Linky;

find Ness and her instructions at http://www.thegirlwiththefivelads.co.uk/besidesmydiagnosis/4592066906

I look forward to reading yours!

#Besides My Diagnosis


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