Finally Facebook!


I have been convinced after years of refusing, to finally join Facebook.  It has always been something that I have left to the kids, occasionally looking through their friends pics and being accused of stalking!  But having found myself on social media whilst on the receiving end of a pain flare, I inadvertently joined several “chronic” groups through Duncan’s account.  He rarely uses it, so imagine his surprise when he started getting very regular updates over the last couple of days every time a blogger was posted on Chronic Illness bloggers!

So I have linked my blog to a Facebook page – Pain Pals Blog – as well as my twitter feed, and would really appreciate it if you would follow the links and “like” the page for me.  I have really enjoyed starting to be involved in the spoonie and chronic community and hope to grow my blog & page for and to support friends.

Thanks, everyone – all suggestions gratefully received.images (18)

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