Pinch, punch, first of the month

I can’t believe it is November and so the countdown to Christmas begins. How true it is that the older we get, the quicker time flies.  Back at the end of the summer holidays, which feels like years ago now, I knew that I was exhausted and needed some time out from home life. A holiday somewhere hot and relaxing would be perfect…….alas not to be, due to a severe lack of funds, inability to sit on a plane or any friends/family owning a beautiful villa in, say, the Caribbean! Then came my call for my Scs trial and you know the rest of the story for the last 6 weeks.

We are now at the end of half term and finally my time for some R & R has arrived in the shape of a week with my in laws in Hereford. No kids, no cooking or picking up dirty clothes that don’t belong to me.  Can’t say the same for the dog as I’ve left one behind to be replaced by two here!  Duncan and I drove up yesterday, which is a challenge in itself as the journey is about 4 hours on a good run.  The last time I came the drive really took its toll and I’m never quite sure how long it will take me to recover.  Obviously we take regular breaks, but the final stretch on A roads is a challenge as my lower back is near explosion by then.  I feel a huge pressure in the lower spine which grows and grows in intensity – I’m not sure if this is worsened by the fusion and titanium, as I have been told that the metal reacts to changes in air pressure.  Sounds good anyway!  The Stim definitely helped to make the journey more tolerable and, when we stopped for lunch and by sitting in a different position I was able to increase the intensity, the feeling of relief absolutely washed through me.  I can’t adequately describe just how emotional it is to be able to induce that at the push of a button.  We arrived in time to see the All Blacks victory over the Wallabies, and for the British men to make history at the gymnastics World Championships.  I really must work on improving my core – those young men have inspired me, at least for this evening anyway!

We woke this morning to the fog that shrouded most of the country, befitting for Halloween weekend and giving me the perfect excuse to stay in and spend a slobby day avoiding the cold and damp.  The house is one half of a listed Georgian property on the outskirts of Hereford city centre and a stone’s throw of the cathedral. Duncan has returned home to rescue mum from the trials of overseeing teenagers and to ensure they are ready and raring to return to school in the morning.  My father in law has “enjoyed” initiation into Strictly and X Factor, ha, ha, ha and we had some fun using 3D glasses to watch the new BBC wildlife documentary.  He plans to get his own back by setting me to work tomorrow to try out my new bionic powers – he reckons mowing the lawn would be a good place to start!!  

I meanwhile will enjoy having the bed to myself and reading for as long as I want to; apparently I need to watch out for builders early tomorrow morning, as they strut their stuff on the scaffolding that currently shrouds the house, whilst renovating next door!

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