Bad day

Back to some more personal musings this afternoon.  I woke up after a pretty good night in pain – the type of deep pain that runs the whole length of my leg and foot and is worsened by the cold.  In this case it is the change in weather temperature, but it can also be down to cold air conditioning.  I have really struggled to get on top of the pain and felt pretty low this morning when I couldn’t get enough relief with my Stim 😪.  A shower and hair wash just about finished me off, with that awful period of time that I described before when I step out and feel physically ill.

So I know I have been horrible today – sorry to those who have been around me.  The engineer is back for a driving lesson, and spreading his horrible cold germs!  Apparently he has told his tutor that his presentation for this term will be about neurostimulators, and he has a Guinea pig to show off.  One team member of the electrical engineering department at UCL has apparently been doing some research work into the speciality.

Thought it was time to show a couple of photos – not massively pretty, but I’m less blue now!imageimageimageThe Stim programmer has to be held directly in contact (above) with the implanted stimulator site (left).  The top 2 inches of the long scar is where the electrode leads are implanted – the scar beneath runs down to the natal cleft and is from my previous 3 surgeries.  It is keloid, over over granulated – a common problem in Ehlers Danlos due to collagen irregularities.

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