A Night Out with Oscar & Ernest & Dunc too!

I managed a trip to the theatre last night.  Well actually it was a live screening at the cinema – David Suchet in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest.  The tickets were booked for a friend’s birthday – I took a chance with the date as these things are only broadcast on the one night, and typically my friend wasn’t able to come due to a family party……and then I was called for surgery.  Duncan was lined up to come (not sure he was really up for it, but he did as he was told! I’m in trouble now) and Mum was on stand by to accompany him.  After a funny turn in the GP surgery the day before, I wasn’t convinced I could manage it as things always feel worse in the evening, don’t they?  But the time came and we found ourselves joining an audience of a certain age, us being at the lower end of the range, in the queue for coffee and popcorn. 

The play was all that Wilde should be, with a great turn from Mr Suchet in his drag attire of corsets and petticoats.  Comic timing is everything in this production and I think that the audience in the cinema actually has a superior sense of this as the camera allows for close ups of the wonderful expressions on the casts’ faces.  How did I cope? Well the play was perfect in that it is written in 3 acts, so there were 2 intervals, and I kept the stimulator on for the duration and was pretty comfortable! It didn’t help at the end of the night when I stood and the feeling in my leg did its usual disappearing act – a very helpful usher saw Duncan half carrying/dragging me along and let us out the back door – but I felt less agitated and was able to sit for the performance, so must deem the evening a success.  Had the kids been there they might have been surprised to see that I was not the last one out last night – the other poor lady had a broken foot, enclosed in a soft boot.

Knowing that I was to visit the CNS this morning at St Thomas’, I thought it would be wise to have a go at charging myself when we got home last night.  It is strange to think that I am actually charging myself in the same way that I do my phone!! We had already plugged the charger into the mains to power it up, as it is not recommended that you attach the device to your implant whilst the charger is still plugged in.  There is a paddle which is placed over the implant and the screen on the charger has a display, not dissimilar to the programmer, which has a rating to show just how good the connection between devices is.  As with most electrical devices, it charges quicker if the stimulator is switched off – I had run it down to nearly 50% and it took about 90 minutes to charge to full capacity.  I will post some pictures of the various parts over the weekend.

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