Half a life

The title is probably slightly misleading, as when I typed it I meant one thing, but now realise it could have a completely different meaning.  Isn’t this just so with so very many aspects of life?

My original meaning was a comment on our wedding anniversary on Saturday and the realisation that we have actually been married half of our lives.  How old did this make us both feel?!  Duncan presented with a small gift box and then said “don’t get too excited”!  Inside was my very own set of dog tags – Medic alert pendant detailing my implant type and ID number. Not my name just yet, but the time may well be soon approaching when I need to be reminded of that.image  To mark the occasion we decided to celebrate with a SAINSBURY’s deli curry for kids and grandparents – very exciting but best of a tricky time for many reasons – and so I found myself having anniversary breakfast in said store on Saturday morning before heading into the shop.  It was a great test for my new toy, as the store was freezing due to air conditioning billowing out and this cold normally gives me such intense leg and foot pain, I would struggle to stay upright.  I did need to turn the level of stimulation up (5.3), and at one point I could actually feel the cold and the electrical impulses doing battle in my leg! The strangest of sensations and I wasn’t pain free, but the difference was that with the stimulation I felt in control and I coped.  1 – 0, stimulator and the curry was great.

Today we dropped our student back for the beginning of his second year at uni -whilst he has been back & forth since picking up the keys for his flat share, he hadn’t moved all his clobber back. The car journey was another tricky situation! To be continued…….

6 thoughts on “Half a life

    1. Thank you……but more importantly happy belated birthday! What a rubbish friend I am. The wedding pictures are lovely – Dan is so like Chris (plus a few inches!). Give me a call for a chat, C x

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  1. Tracy O'Sullivan

    Hi Claire,
    Just wondering where you got the Medic Alert chain? I bought one recently, but it has all the beauty of a supermarket trolley tag! I hate it, and as I have recently discovered that I have an anaphylaxis, I really have to wear it now!!
    I like your one a lot, where did you get it? Would it be possible to get it online?
    Thanks Tracy (Navchic)


      1. Tracy O'Sullivan

        Thanks, that’d be great. I’ve bought an extra long chain at the moment so no-one can see it! Possibly defeating the purpose lol


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