More juice required!

Yesterday I managed a trip out for a couple of hours to our local shops and we had some lunch.  I kept the stimulator switched on and it is the strangest feeling as you know you have this electric current buzzing inside you, yet nobody else has a clue.  I seemed to run into people I knew at every turn and everyone was so kind, but it wasn’t long before I was desperate to get home and avoid more conversation.  I know that people mean well but sometimes the last thing you want to hear is “you look so well!”when you feel ghastly.

My old friend was back with a vengeance last evening, running the length of my leg and searing through my foot.  I struggled to get any comfort initially and emotions were running high.  Since the trial device has been replaced with the implant, I have needed to increase the level of input in order to feel the same stimulation in the same places.  When I couldn’t prevent the foot pain I started to feel bubbles of panic rising – “what if I become too used to the sensation too quickly and it is no longer helpful? What am I going to do?”.  This was the time to employ some of those other techniques we were taught and to squash the panic with the voice of reason.  If I need to use a higher rate of stimulation to achieve the comfort I need, then so what?!

So it was that I did 10 minutes on the exercise bike this morning and then managed a decent walk with the dog and Duncan,  Duncan says that he can notice a difference in the quality of my walking too which is an added bonus.  More in the morning as I’m nodding off here!

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