Shop ’til You Drop

I’ve just been told off by my brother for slacking and not writing up a post yet for yesterday. So for a quick update whilst I watch Japan on the way to victory over South Africa.  Who knew that the Japanese were so good at rugby?!

This weekend marks the birthdays of 2 special teenage girls – our daughter and her best friend (BF), who turn 13 & 14 respectively.  BF’s birthday is today, and because daughter is a year ahead of herself at school, BF will tease her mercilessly today that she is now 2 years older than her – daughter’s birthday is tomorrow.  So yesterday saw me braving the shops for the first time during the trial with Duncan and my mum for back up – believe me it is needed when birthday present shopping for teenage girls.

I had a much better night’s sleep on Thursday and set off feeling optimistic.  The new dressing had remained intact and has not caused too much grief, and I borrowed a little bag to carry my battery pack and controller in.  But then we arrived and so the rain started, the temperature dropped and the high street became slippery.  The worst weather for chronic nerve pain and initially I nearly lost my nerve to continue.  But I was switched on – the new expression in our house – and needed to really put this thing through its paces.  I am delighted to report that the stimulator successfully kept me comfortable as the tingles seemed to do direct battle with the cold.  Normally the cold and damp causes extreme, sharp nerve pain and I feel chilled to the bone, but when the stimulator was turned on, it felt as if the pain dial had been turned down and the constant tingling kept the cold at bay.

It is quite emotional after so many years in pain, to suddenly feel that i have some control back and may be able to turn the dial down at the press of a button.  Sadly the same cannot be said for the outcome of the shopping trip!!  The new plan is that tomorrow we will tell both girls that their birthday gifts are a trip to the Westfield shopping centre with some money to spend and lunch.  What are we thinking???  Warning, pain pals, neuromodulation can seriously damage your capacity to think straight!

And in case you didn’t hear, Japan won! That would be like Wales beating Brazil in the football world cup……..

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