Great North run……there’s always next year

When I climbed into bed Sat, I turned the stimulator up, felt the now more familiar electrical pulses rush down my side and into my foot and felt sure I was about to give John Travolta a run for his money on the Nightfever dance floor.  During our course, we were told that we must not sleep with the device on, so after 30 minutes off it went – and I slept. I’m not sure if I was just so exhausted, but sleep in chunks longer than 2 hours is something that has eluded me for some time now.p

Watching first David Weir, and then Mo Farah win the Great North Run this morning generated the usual quips around the breakfast bar – your turn next year, etc.  There are always so many inspiring stories that I do feel guilty for making a fuss and not getting on with it.  But it just isn’t as simple as gritting your teeth, grinning and bearing it.  So I have started to write some pages about Living with Chronic pain – to be found at the top of the blog header.

I have pottered about the house today, alternating between sitting and standing as I can’t bear for anything to touch certain areas of my back.  It is extremely sore, but worse still is the incredible itching from the sticky dressings.  I can’t even use a knitting needle like I would with a plaster cast. IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE…….image

I am hoping that I might have some sort of follow up from the hospital tomorrow (Monday) to tell me when I need to return, as it feels like life is on hold.  The consultant probably wants to speak to the urologists first though, as he has something else in mind for me…….

More on that tomorrow as it is very late, the Stim has been turned up and it is now time to turn off and hopefully sleep!

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